K-drama Star Ji Sung On Dual Role In Adamas, Says “It’s Different From Kill Me Heal Me”

Kill Me Heal Me actor Ji Sung returns with Adamas, a thriller available on Disney+ Hotstar from July 27. In the series, Ji Sung stars as twin brothers Ha Woosin and Song Suhyeon who seek to find Adamas for revenge. of their father’s death. He has previously played seven characters in Kill Me Heal Me where his character was shown to have a personality disorder. During the press conference, Ji Sung reiterated that his dual role in Adamas is very different from Kill Me Heal Me.


Speaking about what inspired him in the role, he said, “First and foremost, I was hooked by the dual role itself, of Woosin and Suhyeon. The twins’ struggle to save their father and erasing the false accusations against him really left an impression I didn’t base my performance for this show on the experience of playing 7 different characters in my previous work It was a totally new experience.

Ji Sung added, “At the time, I was playing someone with multiple personality disorder, so I cast them as if they were completely different individuals. However, for ADAMAS, I had to show what was unique among identical twin brothers, whose portrayals had to have the same starting point. They shared a lot of similarities, and yet were different in subtle ways, and making them stand out on screen had its difficulties. I found myself immersed into the world of the brothers and the beauty of their characters as I spent more time with them.”

Giving a little insight into what to expect in the series, he shared, “Love is the glue that holds them all together. What the brothers live for, what keeps them alive. You’ll also find out , as the story unfolds, that there’s a reason they need to find Adamas at all costs, and it has something to do with love.”


Starring Ji Sung as mystery novelist Ha Woosin and his prosecutor twin brother Song Suhyeon; Adamas also has Seo Jihye (Kiss Sixth Sense, Crash Landing on You) as Eun Hyesu; Lee Sookyung (Law School, Reply 1988) as local reporter Kim Seohui, and Heo Sungtae (Big Bet, Squid Game) as Choi Taeseong. The show is written by Choi Taegang and directed by Park Seungwoo (Kairos, I Am Not A Robot).

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