‘Kashmir Files’ another drama to garner votes, says KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday called the “Kashmir files” “another drama” of the Narendra Modi government to garner votes and said the country should discuss development files, irrigation and unemployment.

He criticized the BJP government for dividing people in the name of religion by stoking communal passions.

“‘Kashmir Files’ is a slogan. If there is a progressive government, there will be irrigation records, industrial records and economic records. What is Kashmir Files? Who wants it,” said he asked at a press conference.

Telangana leader Rashtra Samithi (TRS) pointed out that Kashmiri pundits themselves say it is a drama and a ‘tamasha’ to get votes in the 2024 elections as they got no relief.

“Do something for the pundits of Kashmir. You are just soft talk. What is your priority? You are trying to sell Hindu dharma to get votes,” said KCR, as the chief minister is popularly known.

He alleged that before every election, the BJP comes out with emotional issues and cashes in on them. “Through this they are openly saying that we have failed. There is nothing we can do. We only have Kashmir Files, Pulwama, Pakistan, describing someone as demons and we are seeking votes on their behalf,” a- he said, adding that it is not in the interest of the country.

KCR said the Modi government came to power because of the failures of the previous UPA government which had failed miserably over the past eight years. “Show me one area where the country has made progress,” he said, citing statistics that show India slipping behind countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan in global rankings.

He called the BJP’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections a technical victory and said his prediction that the strength of the Saffron Party would dwindle in the Assembly had come true. He claimed that the BJP was facing the wrath of farmers in Punjab and that the writing on the wall was clear to the saffron party.

He claimed that the nation had made a decision that the current Center government could not stick to and had to go for the good of the country.

“He hasn’t set up a new project or built a factory. That’s an undeniable fact. GDP has fallen to 6% from 8% under UPA rule. Unemployment has risen. The government is selling off active audiences,” he said.

Stating that there is a vacuum in national politics, he said he is trying, along with others, to fill this vacuum by working for an alternative which can be structural changes in the country.

“I am pursuing national politics now. I am doing my job. I have to meet so many friends who play a major role in the politics of the country. We are trying to formulate our opinion. Therefore, let’s see what happens. I assure you that from 2024 India will pursue a new path of kranti,” he said.

KCR, which recently met with leaders from various parties, said it would meet with other leaders soon. “We have some ideas. We will decide what will be the best for 2024.”

KCR has revealed that it is working with political strategist Prashant Kishor to bring about change in the country. “Yes, he works with me. What’s wrong with that. Why are you afraid of him,” he asked, referring to statements by some BJP leaders.

The head of TRS said that Prashant Kishor with apps, polls and his i-PAC team knows the pulse of people. “You insult him by saying he takes Rs 300 crore. You should say Rs 3,000 crore,” he joked, ridiculing the claims of opposition parties.

Stating that Prashant Kishor has been his best friend for 7-8 years, KCR claimed that he never takes money for his work.

“Prashant Kishor never takes money for work. Believe me. He is not a paid worker. You don’t know who Prashant Kishor is. What is his commitment to the nation? I’m so sorry that a good man be maligned,” he said.

KCR said that since Prashant Kishor worked in 12 states and could help impact national policy, he invited him to work with him.

The TRS leader has ruled out early Assembly elections in Telangana. He said last time that it was necessary to hold early elections because various programs and projects launched by his government were incomplete and he wanted the TRS to return with a new mandate to carry them out.

He was confident that the TRS would retain power in next year’s elections by winning 95 to 105 seats out of the 119 assembly members. He made the prediction based on a survey carried out by 3 organizations in 30 constituencies. According to the poll, the TRS lost only one seat by 0.3% of the vote.

Referring to statements by some BJP leaders that there will be raids by the Income Tax Directorate (IT) and Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) against him, he asked them what which prevented them from moving forward. “I am not the one who is afraid of your blackmail policy. The corrupt should be afraid.”

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