Kejriwal a megalomaniac, AAP resorting to an old drama: Patra

Calling AAP official and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal a “megalomaniac”, who considers himself a god after seizing power in two states, the BJP said on Sunday that the AAP was resorting to the “old drama” he does before every state ballot.

Speaking at a press conference, BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said Kejriwal is a “megalomaniac” and a “bayan bahadur” (one who makes big claims) who considers himself a god after his party won polls in two states. “We’re surprised he didn’t say that US President Joe Biden is also afraid of the AAP,” Patra said in a glare at Kejriwal.

With Delhi’s chief minister suggesting AAP leaders should be prepared to be arrested by central investigative agencies, Patra accused him of ‘glorifying’ corruption and said he used to defend his “sullied” colleagues before they are forced to resign due to mounting evidence.

“The man who took a ‘commission’ in the liquor business compares himself to ‘Kanha’. The national organizer of the AAP compared his party to ‘Kanha’ – the childlike form of Lord Krishna who has killed great demons,” Patra alleged.

Patra said Kejriwal always claims ahead of a state ballot that his party is winning and others are “shaken”. “It seems that Kejriwal’s certificate on honesty and dishonesty is more important than that of the judiciary,” he said.

As war of words escalates between AAP and BJP ahead of upcoming elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, BJP spokesperson says AAP has ‘disintegrated’ in Himachal Pradesh while its president in Uttarakhand had resigned even though he had made great demands. on its prospects in these two hill states.

Kejriwal earlier launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, accusing them of trying to ‘crush’ the AAP in the name of fighting corruption amid fears of a defeat in the Gujarat polls scheduled for later this year.

Replying to Kejriwal for claiming that his party was ‘katar imandaar’ (hardcore honesty), he said no government had seen so many of its ministers resign on various charges in such a short time as the dispensation of the AAP.

Patra cited the cases of Jitender Singh Tomar and Sandeep Kumar among others.

They have been staunchly defended by Kejriwal in the same way he backs his deputy Manish Sisodia, accused in the alleged excise scam, and imprisoned minister Satyendar Jain.

While Kejriwal made big statements about his party’s prospects and his government’s work in Delhi, Patra said he wanted to “do little and make a lot of noise”.

He is a sole chief minister who has no portfolio, the BJP leader said. Kejriwal has made irrational statements because he has no real answer to accusations against his party’s leaders in corruption cases, he said.

In retaliation for Kejriwal’s veiled searches of Modi with the claim that those who oppose gifts to people are dishonest and treacherous, Patra said those seeking evidence from the military after surgical strikes on terror camps are the real traitors.

Seeking to poke holes in his assertions about AAP leaders who will be targeted by central investigative agencies, he said the Delhi Chief Minister, on the one hand, claims that the CBI and ED are puppets of the central government and on the other hand suggests that they inform it. about their next move.

As Kejriwal knows which of his ministers are corrupt, he understands very well who can suffer the consequences, the BJP spokesperson claimed.