Kiambu Murder inspires Episode 4 of Showmax drama series Crime and Justice

This week’s episode of Crime and Justice “Slaughterhouse” was inspired by a university student, Lawrence Warunge, who allegedly murdered four members of his family and a farm worker at their home in Kiambu.

The university student later revealed that he was inspired by Villanelle, the unhinged assassin of Jodie Comer in the British spy thriller Kill Eve.

The episode follows Detectives Makena (Sarah Hassan) and Silas (Alfred Munyua) as they investigate a violent crime where three family members are found murdered in their home.

With no motive, no murder weapon, and a reclusive teenager who survives the incident, Silas and Makena must figure out what really happened.

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“Slaughterhouse” is written by Voline Ogutu, one of the new screenwriters who joined the second season alongside Damaris Irungu.

Voline reveals that she enjoyed writing “Slaughterhouse” due to its different format.

“The killer was already known. Detectives just had to figure out his motive,” she said.

By writing his first police procedure with Crime and JusticeVoline admitted that the rules and pacing may be different but, in the end, it all comes down to the story.

“The story and the writer’s vision dictate the pace,” she says. “A thriller can have a slow pace, just like a dramatic story like Njoro wa Uba would have. The rules of storytelling can be applied to any genre.

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For this episode, she tapped into her love for horror stories, and three drafts later she delivered what director Tosh Gitonga (Nairobi half-life), who made his Crime and Justice his debut with “Slaughterhouse”, described as a “super interesting storyline”.

“Episode 4 tackles an unfathomable subject, but we know for a fact that it can happen,” Tosh said.

The challenge for Tosh, whose most recent film project, Disconnectis a feel-good romantic comedy, was to capture the darkness that “Slaughterhouse” calls for.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t find the right temper and the right state Tim (the teenage suspect) should be in after committing such a heinous crime,” he said.

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Tosh praised its young cast, made up of newcomers like Lewis Leshan, Kendi Kinyua, Jones Njoroge, Collins Kamau Ngugi and Victor Kibe.

“I really enjoyed working with the young upcoming actors. The future is bright for our industry.

Fans can catch Crime and Justice Episode 4 “Slaughterhouse,” now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes every Monday.

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