“Life Navrangi” – a new “never before” web drama series!

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“Life Navrangi” – a new “never before” web drama series!

Posted May 18, 2022

A drama about poo? ! You’re kidding!!

“Life Navrangi” – a new “never before” web drama series!

Starring Aamir Ali and Krishna Mukherjee, it will launch on YouTube (Channel Navrangi) tomorrow.

Bombay : BBC Media Action today launched Life Navrangi (the second drama in the Navrangi series), a one-of-a-kind web drama on YouTube, produced by Bodhitree Multimedia.

The series follows the hit 26-episode TV drama Navrangi Re! broadcast by Viacom18 on three of its OTT channels and platforms in 2019. Both dramas were supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Life Navrangi and its key character Vishwas, a young journalist, once again played by Aamir Ali, are all set to entertain, educate and shake people out of their catastrophic scroll. The heroine of this show is runaway bride Saloni, an aspiring YouTuber, better known as #SimplySaloni. What happens when they meet? They’re teaming up to launch a YouTube channel, where they tell real stories (as opposed to fake news) that are making a difference in people’s lives.

How do they reinvent themselves? Who else is in their life? Is there anything that is hidden in plain sight in their relationship to the people of the mohalla (neighbourhood)? Will they tell new stories? The answers can be found in Life Navrangi.

Directed by Debatma Mandal, Life Navrangi was filmed in Bhopal and consists of seven episodes, each 22-26 minutes, aimed at increasing awareness and civic engagement around the issue of Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) in India. The drama has a stellar cast featuring actors such as Aamir Ali, Krishna Mukherjee, Tiku Talsania, Swaroopa Ghosh, and Dolly Minhas, and talented young actors such as Krishna Mukherjee, Rohit Gujjar, and Rohit Pargai. The show also includes actors from Bhopal, which has a rich tradition of theater and performing arts.

Aamir Ali, who is reprising the role of Vishwas, said: “I love my role as a disillusioned TV presenter who quit his lead job because he wants to tell real stories, as opposed to fake news. Me, with my leading lady, I run a channel called Tedhi Medhi Kahani (Quirky Tales) – and you’ll see what happens when we do our stories!I’m delighted to be partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and BBC Media Action to create a conversation around the issue This show was a lot of fun to shoot, and I hope it will increase awareness and positively influence behavior change around sanitation practices.

Krishna Mukherjee, who plays the female lead, Saloni said, “I’m a runaway bride, bubbling with ambition to “settle down” in my career! My Character, in fact, all female characters in Life Navrangi have been carefully crafted from a gender perspective so that viewers can understand their situations and struggles. The power dynamic between the male and female characters is very interesting and it was a fabulous opportunity to play a role that I really believed in.

Life Navrangi navigates relevant and interesting issues – from plans and struggles to owning her dream home, making her mark in her profession, coping with debts and a marriage threatening to collapse. In the story, correct FSM services become almost a metaphor for a more organized way of life, for managing resources and relationships, for achieving one’s goals. The female characters on the show all have voice and agency and act to do the right thing. Gender norms are a constant subtext that runs through the narrative, as is the breakdown of gender stereotypes.