Love Island | Drama looms tonight as gambling unnerves islanders

Tonight’s episode of Love Island features a racy challenge in which the islanders will be tasked with raising each other’s heartbeats by performing in fancy outfits.

Some of the costumes viewers can expect include Paige as a lifeguard, Ekin-Su as a bride, Dami as a lab technician, Jay as a cowboy, and Davide as a mysterious masked bandit.

They’ll strut through the villa in routines designed to capture their partners’ attention, with results at the end revealing which performances were the most exciting for which contestants.

Any indication of outside interest could spell serious trouble for current Love Island couples.

Before the game was played, Gemma said, “If Luca’s heart rate isn’t the highest by me, even if it’s a game, I’m going to fume.”

Gambling isn’t the only thing Gemma is concerned about either, as she will also find out that Luca approached her ex Jacques for information about their relationship when they were together.

“I would much rather be with Paige than Gem,” Jacques told her. “Like, 1000%. I could literally hang out with Paige, be myself, and the next day wake up and have no problem. Even if I said something bad, or whatever.

“But if I did it with Gem, I have questions to answer the next day.”

Luca and Jacques in Love Island 2022 TVI

Elsewhere in the villa, Danica receives a pep talk from Ekin-Su reminding her of her bombshell status, which gives her the confidence to invite Andrew over for a chat.

“You’re a grown man, you’ll do whatever you want to do, but really, I just have to be honest with you and how I feel and what vibe I’m getting. I like getting to know you,” she said. .

Andrew responds, “Yeah, I appreciate our talks to be fair.”

Danica continues: “Obviously I think it’s more for me to let you know that I love you, I’m open to getting to know you a little more, I enjoy our conversations, you make me feel very comfortable and I ‘ I’m just letting you know so you have your head up.”

But will this conversation be enough to keep Andrew away from Tasha? Log in to find out more.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. The episodes are available the next morning on BritBox. Check out more of our entertainment coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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