Ludwig backs Froste amid ‘disgusting’ 100 Thieves drama

YouTuber Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has called out the “shadow” 100 Thieves following Froste’s accusations that the streaming organization failed to provide financial support to The Mob.

Streamer Froste sparked a heated argument with 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot on Twitter after he claimed that while part of content house The Mob, 100T allegedly refused to fund their content, which ultimately led the group to fall apart.

Nadeshot quickly fired back claiming that The Mob had received sufficient financial support. However, 100 Thieves were disappointed with the group’s supposed lack of effort.

Many streamers and other 100 Thieves members shared their take on the situation. Now, YouTube creator Ludwig believes the blame ultimately lies with 100 Thieves for its “shady” business decisions.

Ludwig slams “embarrassing” 100 Thieves

Ludwig discussed the drama surrounding 100 Thieves with his cat on August 30. While one fan argued it was a “good deal” from 100 Thieves, Ludwig felt differently.

Ludwig claimed, “I think if you look at bargain min. maximize to get the most out of your workers, so yeah, that’s a good deal. In my mind, a good way to run a business is to run a sustainable business that treats its employees and workers like humans.

I don’t think reaching out to 18 and 19 year olds who pop up, have no experience in an industry, throwing them an offer and trying to sign them is a good deal. I think it’s fishy. I think it’s disgusting.

He added that such “embarrassing” and “sh*t” situations have been happening in the esports world “for years.”

He agreed that “there was some responsibility with the creators themselves” in the spinoff, as his cat claimed that each member of The Mob received a salary of $60,000. However, their house in Los Angeles would cost $10,000 a month.

It’s still early days since Froste made his statements. Although with streamers across the community divided on the subject, there could still be plenty more takes to come.