Major drama! Tulsi decides to marry Radha to Mohan

Bombay: The next episode of Zee TV’s drama Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan has plenty of drama in store for viewers.

Mohan is delighted to know that Gungun will be with him and practices talking to him.

Tulsi sees her pain and wishes for Mohan and Gungun to be together. She asks why he is not able to see Damini’s reality.

However, Damini has other plans to kidnap Gungun and then rescue her later so that Mohan will get closer to her.

Unfortunately, Gungun locks Damini and pushes Radha into the dicky due to which it is Radha who hangs out with him but ends up getting kidnapped by Damini’s henchmen.

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Mohan and Radha go home. Mohan is hurt and he gets furious with Gungun.

Surprisingly, Radha comes to Gungun’s rescue. Tulsi cries with happiness seeing Radha’s care for Gungun and decides to bring her closer to Mohan.

The story takes an interesting twist when Tulsi decides to marry Radha to Mohan so that Gungun will get a mother’s love as she feels Radha’s love for Gungun.

The drama will intensify in future episodes.

It would be interesting to know what happens next in the series.

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