Marvel’s Samuel L Jackson Stars in First Look at New Drama Series

Apple TV+ has just unveiled the trailer for its upcoming drama series The last days of Ptolemy Grey, with Samuel L Jackson in the eponymous lead role.

The show, directed by The white tiger filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, is based on a novel by Walter Mosley, who also wrote the miniseries.

A synopsis shared by the streamer sees Jackson playing a “sick man” (Ptolemy Grey) who is forgotten by his family, friends, and even himself.

Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker and “on the verge of sinking even deeper into solitary dementia”, Ptolemy is left in the care of teenage orphan Robyn (Dominique Fishback).


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When they discover a treatment that can restore Ptolemy’s “dementia-altered memories,” he begins a journey toward “shocking truths about the past, present, and future,” the synopsis ends.

In addition to themes centered around memory and mortality, it looks like there could also be a scavenger hunt.

“My uncle Gordo stole something, a treasure. I’m going to find it,” Ptolemy said once he regained his memory. The trailer points to a childhood memory he recovers that sets him up for an end-of-life treasure hunt.

samuel l jackson, dominique fishback, the last days of ptolemy gray


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At the end of the trailer’s dramatic montage sequence, Ptolemy says, “You have to let the river take its course,” before adding, “and the river knows exactly where it’s going.”

Along with serving as an executive producer and starring in the Apple TV+ drama, Jackson will also soon be seen playing a younger avatar of his iconic Marvel character, Nick Fury, in the upcoming Disney+ series. Secret Invasion – which he recently teased on Instagram.

The last days of Ptolemy Grey, a series of six episodes, will premiere Friday, March 11 on Apple TV with the first two installments, followed by a new release every Friday.

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