maurya: Maurya calls Akhilesh’s commitment to farmers a ‘political drama’ | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Calling the pledge made by SP leader Akhilesh Yadav as he held foodgrains in his hands a “political drama”, MP CM Keshav Maurya said on Monday that farmers will never fall into the malicious trap of the opposition.
Maurya’s sweep came hours after Akhilesh met with a delegation of farmers from Lakhimpur led by Tejinder Singh Virk and pledged to ‘defeat’ the BJP who introduced the three farm laws that were at the center of protests for a long time.
Maurya said the previous PS government ruined farmers with its policies and the closure of sugar mills. “If he cared about the farmers, then his government would have done basic works like irrigation, paying the price of sugarcane, supplying to MSP. Instead, he liked the closure of sugar mills, withheld payments due to cane growers and employed middlemen,” he said.
Maurya said the work done by the BJP’s ‘dual engine’ government is in stark contrast to the dark chapter of the PS regime. He reiterated various measures taken by the BJP government for the welfare of farmers, including the record purchase and payment of food grains on MSP, loan forgiveness of Rs 36,000 crore in the very first cabinet and the expansion of irrigation capacity by lakhs of hectares.
Calling SP an “enemy of farmers”, Maurya said that while the crops were drying up, there was no electricity. Moreover, if farmers’ crops were destroyed by the disaster, no compensation was given for years.