Mick Fleetwood is producing a musical drama series for Fox

One of the musicians Mick FleetwoodThe next projects of will be a musical drama television series. According to Deadline, Fox is currently developing a series called 13 songs, with Fleetwood lending his musical talents as executive producer.

The series will follow Jasper Jones and his band, The Grift, a once-great rock band that has now succumbed to the passage of time. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer decades after The Grift fell out of the public eye, Jasper has only months to live and chooses to reconnect with the band to record a final thirteen album. songs as a final farewell to his fans.

Fleetwood is perhaps best known for his colleagues in his eponymous band, Fleetwood Mac, with whom he achieved critical acclaim with albums like Rumors. He is an executive producer of the series, which will be written by Will Reiser and Jonathan Prince, which also has serve as executive producers on the series. The show will be directed by Jonathan Levin, who previously directed the Hulu limited series Nine perfect strangers, and USA Network To rush, as good as Long shot, Snatch, and The night before.


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The series will join other musical dramas in development for Fox. Another is the series Monarch, which centers on a family dynasty of country music, featuring Anna Friel and Susan Sarandon, the premiere of which was recently delayed. An anthology series titled Icon is also in development from Adam Milch, featuring some of the world’s greatest music legends. The Fox network had previously enjoyed success in the musical drama genre with Joy and Empire, both of which were major hits for the network.

No official release date has been announced for 13 songs. One of Fox’s other musical dramas Monarch, slated for release in 2022.

Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel to star in country music-themed drama series ‘Monarch’

The mid-season series will air over two nights starting January 30, 2022.

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