Milo Ventimiglia to lead hockey drama series Hometown Saints for NBC

Milo Ventimigliagets all her ducks in a row in her starring role in the NBC drama, It’s us comes to an end with the sixth and final season of the series. It turns out that in addition to his passion and acting talent, Ventimiglia is also an avid producer and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be moving forward alongside his company DiVide Pictures to work on a new show. with NBC. The production company, which has an overall deal with 20th Century Studios, has sold the network its script for an upcoming drama series titled, Hometown Saints.

Although not much is known about the new series, Hometown Saints appears to be a family friendly drama that will center on a retired hockey star named Billy Riedell. After his time on the ice is over, the former hero feels lost and disillusioned when he returns to his Minnesota hometown. Soon, against his initial instinct, Billy is lacing up his skates once more, but this time to coach a girls’ high school hockey team.


Grainne Godfree is ready to team up with Derek Elliot write the screenplay Hometown Saints. Godfree is currently hard at work on Marvel’s Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, as consulting producer. The stars of the series Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders and will add another story to Marvel’s growing grip on TV and film. The writer has also crossed worlds and worked in the DC Universe as an executive producer on several seasons of The CW. Legends of tomorrow as well as a writer and story editor for the flash.

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Godfree’s writing partner Elliott is gaining notoriety for his article, Klein, which earned the author a spot on the 2019 Blacklist mentions. Production is in its infancy for the piece which has signed Garrett Hedlund and Abbey Lee to play. Elliott also got credit for script work in the 2020 animated film, Scoob!

Godfree and Elliott will join the new hockey-themed series as executive producers along with Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff who will join under their DiVide Pictures banner. DiVide’s Deanna Harris will produce.

Although, at the moment, it doesn’t look like Ventimiglia will star in the series, we’ll try to keep hope alive. For more information, including casting and production announcements, on what appears to be a heartfelt comeback story, be sure to stay tuned to Collider.

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