Netflix Crime Drama Series SHE Season 2 in Global Top 10

The new season of SHE is trending in Netflix’s global top 10. One of the most-watched non-English titles this week, the series proved to be a GREAT audience favourite, hitting the Top 10 in 11 countries within two weeks of its release. . The series has been watched for over 9.5 million hours. The series also trended at No. 1 on Netflix India’s Top TV list for the week.

The layered story and nuanced depiction of a mild-mannered woman discovering her confidence and sexuality has found popularity and audience admiration across countries and cultures. SHE S2 features a cast of talented ensembles such as Aaditi Pohankar, Kishore Kumar G, Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Sam Mohan, Suhita Thatte, among others. Aaditi reprises her daring role as Bhumika Pardeshi (Bhumi), a constable who poses as a sex worker to uncover the secrets of Mumbai’s dark underbelly alleys.

Written and created by Imtiaz Ali, SHE S2 is directed by Arif Ali and produced by Tipping Point and Window Seat Films of Viacom 18 Studios. The second season shows Bhumi in a dynamic new avatar. Embracing a double life, protagonist Bhumi constantly struggles between duty and desire, juggling responsibilities, strenuous relationships and pent-up secrets. HER: Season 2 sees Bhumi continue to discover himself, exploring themes of sexual awakening and duality. She’s absolutely magnetic in the way she plays the dual risk of being the hunter and the hunted, finding herself sinking deeper into the intricate web of Nayak’s plans while gently foiling Fernandez’s suspicions.

Writer and showrunner of the series, Imtiaz Ali says: “I am delighted with the answer because I feel that the basic conflict of ‘She’ is very subtle and internal. It’s about a woman who feels she has no sexual prowess and when she has to act as a sex worker as part of her duty, she discovers that the very thing that was her biggest disadvantage becomes his greatest weapon. Something so internal and subtle has found ground with global audiences and it is a matter of great happiness and hope for me. It encourages me to come up with more interesting yet subtle story ideas in the future.

Over the past 6 months, Netflix’s Indian series have consistently been popular with global audiences, starting with Aranyak, Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, The Fame Game and most recently Mai.