Netflix Fans ‘Too Scared To Watch’ New Korean Zombie Drama Amid Squid Game Comparisons

Netflix series All of Us Are Dead follows a group of South Korean students trapped in their high school after it becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak

Netflix’s new drama All of Us Are Dead has left viewers ‘too scared’ to keep watching

Netflix’s new drama All of Us Are Dead has left viewers “too scared” to continue watching from episode to episode as the series follows an ongoing zombie apocalypse.

The Korean drama has been sitting on the top Netflix offerings in the UK for days now, as subscribers binge-watch the new series – with some estimates it could even top fellow Korean Squid Game.

The series dropped on Netflix late last month and follows a group of trapped students as they try to escape their high school, which has become ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

The Netflix series makes it very clear from the start that not all students will make it out of school alive.

We’re All Dead is currently the most-watched show on Netflix in 53 countries, but fans of the brutal high school zombie series have been petrified by the addictive K-drama.

All of Us Are Dead is currently the most watched show on Netflix in 53 countries



Netflix fans of the fast-paced and stressful horror series took to Twitter to share how “frightened” they were by the 12-episode South Korean series.

One fan wrote: “After watching All of Us Are Dead I can proudly say that I am now scared to sleep tonight. The slightest noise scares me!!”

Another social media user said: “I’m currently watching #AllOfUsAreDead, just finished the first episode. I’m so scared to watch the next one”

A third chimed in: “Time to shake off my recent lack of nightmares watching #AllOfUsAreDead, which had a trailer so intense that that alone scared the crap out of me, because what is 3 o’clock in the morning if not the time for bad decisions?”

A fourth fan tweeted: “How did you watch #AllOfUsAreDead at night? It’s the day and I’m scared af”

Another wrote: “I’m going to start episode 10 today and I’m already scared #AllOfUsAreDead”

The series was dropped on Netflix at the end of last month



Another fan posted: “The show was so good…i was scared but i was hooked till the end…#AllOfUsAreDead”

Many fans also shared their comparisons of the series to the megahit Squid Game, which saw cash-strapped contestants compete in children’s games with deadly stakes for a life-changing jackpot.

One fan said: “#AllOfUsAreDead, I was wrong. Seriously, this is a big drama. The start was slow, but gave it a shot, and it just got better and better. I can’t wait for season 2. Totally up there with Squid Game.

Another posted: “I liked #AllOfUsAreDead way more than the squid game, the characters were way more likable, the death scenes were sadder”

The series even shares an actress, Lee Yoo-mi, who played Ji-yeong, or player #240, in Squid Game and was cast as wealthy student Na-yeon in All of Us Are Dead.

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