Netflix fantasy drama ‘The Witcher’ tops streaming charts for second week

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“The Witcher” topped streaming ratings for the second week in a row with a 24.8% increase in viewership over the previous week when the eight-episode second season of Netflix’s fantasy drama was only available. for three days, according to figures released by Nielsen.

Viewers spent 2.734 billion minutes watching all 16 episodes of “The Witcher” between December 20 and 26. They spent 2.191 billion minutes watching it the previous week.

“Emily in Paris” was second with 938 million minutes watched across the Netflix comedy’s 20 episodes, including its 10-episode second season, released on December 22. Its audience was 77% female, according to Nielsen.

Three other programs were in the latest top 10 that were not in the previous week’s. The 2003 Christmas movie “Elf,” which aired on Hulu, was fourth with 725 million minutes watched. The 1990 comedy film “Home Alone” was sixth with 700 million minutes watched on Disney+.

Lucille Ball’s biographical drama “Being The Ricardos” was eighth with 604 million minutes watched in the first six days it was available on Amazon Prime Video.

Sci-fi series ‘Lost in Space’, post-incarceration movie starring Sandra Bullock ‘The Unforgivable’, classic NBC comedy ‘Seinfeld’ and animated comedy ‘Back to the Outback’ dropped out of the top 10 All four programs are streamed on Netflix.

The top 10 consisted of five shows airing on Netflix, two each on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, and one on Hulu. Nielsen also announces streaming viewership for Apple TV+ programming.

The top 10 consisted of four original streaming series; three movies; two series originally aired on an American broadcast network; and “CoComelon,” the 15-episode 3D animated series of traditional nursery rhyme videos and original children’s songs from YouTube.

The top 10 programs were “The Witcher”, “Emily in Paris”, “Hawkeye”, “Elf”, “CoComelon”, “Home Alone”, “The Wheel of Time”, “Being The Ricardos”, “Criminal Minds” and “NCIS”.

Figures reflect TV viewing only, including TV-connected devices such as Roku and Apple TV. Mobile-only viewing is not included in Nielsen’s streaming measurement systems.

The viewership for the first three days of the cinematic comedy “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix was not fully credited, which could have prevented it from reaching the top 10. It will receive additional minutes and the figure will be re-released next week, according to Nielsen.

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