Netflix Greenlights Revenge Korean Drama Series ‘The Glory’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Korean screenwriter Kim Eun-sook and actress Song Hye-kyo, who last teamed up on the hugely popular K-drama Descendants of the Sunteam up again for the Revenge series Glory, produced by Netflix. Rising star Lee Do-hyun, better known since sweet homewill also play a starring role in the new show.

Song plays Moon Dong-eun, a young woman who seeks revenge on the bullies who destroyed her childhood. Taking on a very different persona from her previous outings in hit dramas like we break up, Meet and This winter, the wind is blowing, Song portrays a person full of rage eager to inflict the ultimate reward on those who tormented her – as well as those who didn’t lift a finger to help her. Lee plays Joo Yeo-jeong, a man with a secret past. Best known for his performances in horror (sweet home) and romantic (18 Again) projects, Lee is also expected to surprise audiences with his portrayal of this new, more complex role.

Glory will be directed by Ahn Gil-ho, known for his gripping thrillers such as Happiness, Youth record, Observer, Memories of the Alhambra and Foreign. Lim Ji-yeon, Jung Sung-il, Yeom Hye-ran also star Park Sung-hoon.

Glory is screenwriter Kim’s first attempt at the revenge genre, following her impressive past work covering K-drama hits like The King: Eternal Monarch, Mr Sun, Guardian: the lonely and great God, heirs and Secret garden.

The show will be produced by Hwa&Dam Pictures, a drama production subsidiary of CJ ENM’s Studio Dragon. No target release date has yet been revealed.

The new series continues Netflix’s strategy of betting big on the global popularity of Korean entertainment, following major hits such as squid game. But it comes at a time of growing competition within Korea’s content landscape and streaming industry, with local operators like CJ ENM’s TVING and other overseas players such as Disney+ taking increasingly significant turns to to topple Netflix from its international dominance of the category. Last week, Disney unveiled a deal with K-pop label HYBE to co-produce three BTS-related projects; and earlier this week, TVING announced the acquisition of rival local streamer Seezn to bolster its operations to better compete with global rivals.