Netflix K-Drama Trailer Showcases Over 20 Korean Shows And Movies For 2022

A new trailer from Netflix showcases more than 20 new South Korean TV shows and movies slated for release on the streaming giant in 2022.

More than 20 original Korean dramas and films are expected to arrive on netflix in 2022, and the streaming giant has just released a new trailer highlighting upcoming releases. Since its inception, Netflix has provided access to international programming that was previously not very easy for viewers to access. In recent years, there has been a marked increase in international rates on the streamer – especially from countries like Korea, Japan and India.

As entertainment becomes more global than ever in the age of streaming, calls for diversity have affected not only the cast and issues covered in television and film, but also what audiences have access to. For decades, critically acclaimed movies and TV shows have thrived outside of the heavily saturated Hollywood model, though many of those productions weren’t widely available or only came with a model. very limited distribution. Licensing issues also played a role in determining which programs and movies received wider airplay, and for those who enjoy seeing a well-plotted Korean drama or a lavish Bollywood spectacle, watching such productions through entirely legal has often been frustrating. experience. As the Korean entertainment industry continues to prove itself internationally, streamers like Netflix have started to respond by giving audiences what they want.


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The evidence of Netflix’s drive to deliver more Korean food than ever has never been clearer, as 2022 promises to be a pivotal year for Netflix and Korean entertainment. In a new trailer highlighting what’s in store for subscribers in 2022, via Faintingthe official Netflix YouTube channel, Netflix boasts of “so much K contentas he scrolls through a quick display of over 20 different upcoming productions. While some of the highlights include apocalyptic zombie series, we are all dead and Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space, there’s a lot here with the potential to succeed in a big way. Watch the video below:

Arguably one of the most important factors in opening up the wonders of Korea’s entertainment industry to international audiences has been filmmaker Bong Joon Ho’s historic 4-time Oscar run for his 2019 film, Parasite. The 52-year-old had long since established a global fan base, with popular hits such as The host and snowdrops, but it was Parasite it really opened up that fanbase and even introduced the concept of international cinema to a lot of people. In the wake of Bong Joon Ho’s success, Netflix has been diving into Korea in a much bigger way, with shows like Mr Sun and the very popular squid game, proving that there is indeed a strong demand for the fresh and unique productions currently coming out of South Korea.

More recently, Netflix announced subscription price increases for its North American customers. Although this is to some extent predictable, the increase now makes Netflix the most expensive streaming service currently available. If the streamer wants to avoid frustrated customers dropping out due to price increases, the best possible option is to provide enough content to make sticking around worthwhile. For many subscribers, adding so much Korean content in 2022 is definitely worth it netflixrising prices. However, it remains to be seen whether this new slate of programming will deliver the kind of hits that will satisfy subscribers.

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