Netflix Series ‘Off the Hook’ Review – Digital Detox and Unlimited Family Drama

The French series Off the Hook is about two cousins ​​Lea and Manon, who are so fed up with their lives that they have thrown away all digital things and detoxed. It was difficult for them at the start but it was an obligatory stage. Soon their family is also seen walking the path set by them and realizing that a screen-free life can be beautiful too.

Léa is unable to outgrow her ex-boyfriend Guillaume. He’s a delusional girl and thinks he still has feelings for her. Léa has tracked down all of her profiles since their breakup and even went so far as to install a camera on her scooter. She went beyond moral boundaries and watched him obsessively even after they broke up. Guillaume had known his brother since they were children. Taking advantage of this fact, she presents herself all sexy in a red dress for her brother’s dissertation, which Guillaume was also to attend. Surprisingly, he came with a plus one, his girlfriend Melanie. To make him jealous, Lea also shows up with a fake boyfriend, Gagan, who owns a hardware store.

Manon, the other cousin is an aspiring artist, things didn’t go her way when her fake ass was exposed to the public eye. She couldn’t take the humiliation and took a break for a while to figure out what exactly she wants. Digital detox has helped her far beyond what can be counted, as she found her voice and even fell in love.

Exploring the family dynamics and how they went from initially not supporting these sisters to having their backs is a fun ride. There aren’t many laughable scenes, but that fact shouldn’t be taken seriously either. You’ll find plenty of scenes where the sisters act like crazy, like when they put down their electronics, they act like they’re glued to the store window and say goodbye to their social lives.

Guillaume is a silly character who first filed a complaint against his ex-girlfriend and then finally landed on her bed. Let’s talk about Lea, who is my absolute favorite character with an energy pack that can explode at any time. She came out of this horrible breakup and found stability in her life, just like Manon, because she is now a famous rapper.

With a whole new concept at its core, Off the Hook still failed to capture the public’s attention. Beginning with a lot of adventures and social troubles faced by the two sisters, the series got off to a promising start. He gradually lost his grip on the plot because of the limitless family drama. It would have been better if the focus was just on these sisters rather than the family around them. The sub-plots disrupted everything. They added little and took most of the limelight away.

With only six episodes averaging thirty minutes in length, Off the Hook had a lot of potential. Plus, with energetic characters like Lea, it could have been a hit. Alas, the story missed its point and wandered off several times. I also felt that the character of Manon had a lot of strength, but this character was not fully prepared to face the screen.

In my opinion, “Off the Hook” directed and written by Marie Jardillier is an average watch. The show’s comedy has good timing with Lea being the heart of it. The idea of ​​digital detox is unique and could have been explored in a better way. The message of the series, which forms the whole background of the story of Léa et Manon, is that digital detox can sometimes be great if you are stuck in your life. It can be related to your professional and personal life both. #wearenotpigeons was also a great initiative that will allow the public to understand how social media apps and browsers track all user information. With the growing ratio of social life to real life, it’s an important message for viewers that they should take a break sometimes too.

Final score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by – Riya Singh
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