Netflix viewers can’t get enough of the ‘engulfing’ dramatic liar

Viewers are enthralled by a newly added drama streaming on Netflix, with people calling it “breathtaking”, “excellent” and “must watch”. You can see a trailer of it here:

Psychological thriller Liar centers on newly single teacher Laura (played by Joanne Froggatt) who goes on a date with widowed surgeon Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd).

The next day, Laura accuses Andrew of raping her and reports it to the police; after which Andrew is brought in for questioning where he strenuously denies the allegations.

As news of Laura’s claims becomes public, Laura and Andrew’s families struggle to come to terms with the situation, while viewers wonder who is really telling the truth.

Liar is streaming on Netflix right now. Credit: All3Media/Netflix

Liar was created by brothers Harry and Jack Williams, who previously wrote for the BBC missing and one of us.

The show, which originally aired in 2017 on ITV, has more twists and turns than you can get enough of, and since landing on Netflix recently, it’s gained a whole new set of fans who are “grasped “.

Posting on Twitter, one viewer exclaimed, “If you haven’t seen Liar on Netflix… you need it! Crazy and mind-blowing psychological thriller. Excellent, excellent writing.

Another said: “I started watching Liar on Netflix and I’m hooked.

Someone else wrote: “Who looks Liar on Netflix? If you like crime or thrillers, I highly recommend it.

While a fourth person said, “Halfway through is gripping. Definitely one to watch.

So that’s your next binge-watch sorted then.

The psychological thriller hooked viewers.  Credit: All3Media/Netflix
The psychological thriller hooked viewers. Credit: All3Media/Netflix

And you’ll be pleased to know that, since the show is a bit older, there are actually two full six-episode seasons available to watch on the streaming platform right now.

The second season, which originally aired in 2020, picks up just weeks after the events of the Season 1 finale and introduces several new characters into the mix – including some who have quite shady pasts.

As you’d expect, there’s plenty more twists and turns in the next six episodes to keep you on the edge of your seat.

And it’s safe to say that if you enjoyed the first season, you’ll get through the second as well in no time.

If you fancy seeing what it’s all about, then seasons one and two of Liar are streaming on Netflix now.