New PANTHEON Series, RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER Drama and More Coming September to AMC+

New series and movies were made available in September on AMC+, Acorn TV and Shudder streaming services.

All three are part of the AMC streamer network, highlights for each are below.


Pantheon – Original AMC+

New series in preview on Thursday, September 1 with two episodes; episodes continue weekly.

Based on a collection of short stories by an award-winning author Ken Liuthis sci-fi animated series focuses on a bullied teenager (Katie Chang) who receives mysterious help from someone online. The stranger is soon revealed to be her recently deceased father, David (Daniel Dae Kim), whose consciousness was uploaded to the Cloud following an experimental and destructive brain scan. David is the first of a new kind of being: a “Downloaded Intelligence” or “UI”, but he won’t be the last, as a global conspiracy unfolds that threatens to unleash a new kind of world war.

The voice cast for this speculative sci-fi series includes: Daniel Dae Kim, Katie Chang, Paul Dano, aaron eckart, Rosemarie DeWitt, Chris Diamantopoulos, Raza Jeffrey, Ron Livingstone, Taylor Schilling, Scoot McNairy, Maude Apatow, Guillaume Blessé (in his last role), Corey Stoll, Anika Noni Rose, Michael Kelly,and more. The writer/creator, showrunner and executive producer of the series is Craig Silverstein (TOUR: Washington’s Spies, Nikita, Terra Nova) and the animation is from Mésange (Motorcity, Big Mouth, Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head, The Midnight Gospel, Bless the Harts).

True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here – AMC+ Exclusive

New series in preview on Thursday, September 1 with two episodes; episodes continue weekly.

Hosted and Produced by a Small-Town Native, Lawyer, and Actress Hilarie Burton Morgan (One Tree Hill, The Walking Dead, Friday Night with The Morgans), the powerful and captivating series True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here shines a light on murder cases in small town America where questions linger even though justice has been fully served. Each episode sees Burton Morgan meet family members and local insiders as she explores the twists and turns of the case and uncovers the unique challenges of small-town justice.

Tales of the Living Dead Original AMC+

Continues with Episode Five premiering on Sunday, September 4 and ending with Episode 6 premiering on September 11 with a full season available to stream.

The highly anticipated new episodic anthology series, Tales of the Living Dead, follows individual characters in the walker apocalypse universe. With six standalone hour-long episodes, the series focuses on both new and established characters.

Each episode has its own tone and perspective, but the stakes are high in each story, pushing indelible new characters with relentless and potentially deadly choices and situations. We see the apocalypse through different eyes, uncovering more worlds, myths, and mysteries of The Walking Dead.

The stars of the anthology series Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Samantha Morton (The Walking Dead), Terry Crews (Brooklyn nine-nine), Parker Posey (Lost in space), Anthony Edwards (Invent Anna), Poppy Liu (Dead ringtones), Jillian Bell (restless night), Chabanol loan (fading gigolo), Embeth Davidtz (old), Jessie T. Usher (Tree), Daniella Pineda (cowboy bebop), Danny Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick) among others.


Love and Murder Recipes – Acorn TV Original

Premieres Monday, September 5 with two episodes; continues with two episodes airing weekly.

Based on the bestselling novels “A Tannie Maria Mystery” by Sally Andrew, this dangerously delicious drama follows an advice columnist (Maria DoyleKennedy, Outlander, Orphan Black, Kin, The Tudors), which offers tips and tasty recipes for a small-town newspaper in South Africa’s bustling Karoo region. Things take an unexpected turn when a correspondent who writes to Tannie Maria (“Auntie Maria” in Afrikaans) about her abusive husband is found dead. Maria’s worlds collide as she begins to work through her own mysterious past in an attempt to solve the case.

Maria joins forces with rookie and sometimes rival journalist Jessie September (newcomer Kylie Fisher), to investigate the murder and catch the killer – before local police find other victims. But will they make too many enemies in the process and risk the attacker catching them first? Also stars Tony Kgoroge (Black Sails, Invictus, Long March to Freedom).


Who invited them An original thrill

Premieres Thursday, September 1

Adam and Margo’s housewarming party goes pretty well, except for that mystery couple, Tom and Sasha, who linger after the other guests have left. The couple turn out to be their rich and successful neighbors, but as one nightcap leads to another, Adam and Margo begin to suspect that their new friends are deceitful strangers with a dark secret. Written and directed by Duncan Birminghamand featuring Ryan Hansen (Veronique Mars), Melissa Tang (The Kominsky method), Timothy Granaderos (13 reasons why), and Perry Mattfield (In the dark).

101 scariest movie moments of all timeA thrilling original series

Premieres Wednesday, September 7; new episodes every week

In this new series of eight episodes from the producers of Eli Roth’s Horror Storymaster filmmakers and genre experts celebrate and unpack the most terrifying moments from the greatest horror films ever made, exploring how these scenes were created and why they burned into the minds of audiences around the world.

Salum An original thrill

Previews Thursday, September 8

Shot after fleeing a coup and extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau, the legendary mercenaries known as the Bangui Hyenas – Chaka, Rafa and Midnight – must hide their stolen gold bounty, stay ashore long enough to repair and refuel their plane and escape back to Dakar, Senegal. When they take refuge in a holiday camp in the coastal region of Sine-Saloum, they try to blend in with the other guests; including a mute named Awa, with her own secrets and a policeman who may be after them, but it’s Chaka who hides the darkest secret of them all. Unbeknownst to the other Hyenas, he brought them there for a reason and once his past catches up with him, his decisions have devastating consequences, threatening to unleash hell on them all.

Salum stars Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Bruno Henry, Marielle Salmier and Mentor Baand is written and directed by Jean-Luc Herbulotbased on a story by Herbulot and Pamala Diop. Official Selection TIFF 2021, Winner of Best Director/New Wave of Fantastic Fest 2021.

Raven’s Hollow – An original thrill

New previews Thursday, September 22

West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn to a gruesome discovery in a forgotten community.

Featuring William Mosley, Melanie Zanetti, Callum wooden house, kate dickieand David Hayman. Written by Christopher Hatton and Chuck Reeves. Realized by Christopher Hatton.

Hell County Boys

Previews Thursday, September 29

Welcome to Six Mile Hill, a sleepy Irish backwater whose only claim to fame is the somewhat dubious local legend that Bram Stoker spent a night in the local pub. This is the house of Eugene Moffat (Jack Rowe), a young man who spends most of his days drinking pints with his friends and playing pranks on tourists visiting the tomb of Abhartach, a legendary Irish vampire who some believe inspired “Dracula”. A personal tragedy forces Eugene to go to work on the site of a controversial new road development that threatens to destroy the town’s livelihood. Strange events unfold when Eugene and the crew destroy a famous cairn believed to be Abhartach’s final resting place, and they are soon attacked by a sinister force that has infected one of their colleagues. Written and directed by Chris Baugh.

Queer for fear – An original Frisson series

New series in preview on Friday, September 30

Queer for fear is a four-part documentary series about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the horror and thriller genres. From its literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, to the 1920s pansy craze that influenced Universal Monsters and Hitchcock, to the mid-century “lavender scare” alien invasion films 20th century and the AIDS-obsessed bloodshed of 80s vampire films, Queer for Fear re-examines gender stories through a queer lens, seeing them not as violent and murderous tales, but as stories of survival. that resonate thematically with queer audiences everywhere.