No business handled at Chandigarh MC House, big drama : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Sandeep Rana

Chandigarh, March 29

None of the seven major development agenda points passed today as the AAP and Congress united against the ruling BJP over the issue of rising water tariffs in the city.

The hike is currently suspended until March 31. The decision in this regard must be made by the administrator of the UT. The councilors of the two opposition parties created a great drama. The BJP and AAP advisers also had heated arguments as the saffron party raised the issue of AAP adviser Prem Lata’s protest during the national anthem at the last meeting. She then apologized.

AAP leaders, who sat in the House well for a brief period, said that a week before the House meeting, they had written to the MC with the signatures of seven advisers that the order of the day regarding the water rate review should be presented to the House, but this has not been done.

“Rather than raising tariffs, the MC should work on fixing water leaks, which are around 45%. Even illegal work related to water supply is done outside the lal dora. We We did not miss any item on the agenda because the issue of the water tariff was not resolved,” said Yogesh Dhingra, leader of the opposition of the AAP Congress adviser Gurbax Rawat said, “The MC hasn’t listened to us on the matter for a long time. They should only raise the price when they provide a 24/7 water supply. We will not adopt points to the agenda if they don’t reverse the water rate hike.”

BJP Councilor Maheshinder Singh Sidhu said, “Today the AAP and the Congress have deliberately joined forces to oppose the development of the city. They had already planned to vote and reject the agenda items today. Why did they reject the agenda items when the water issue was already discussed in the first hour of the meeting. »

AAP Councilor Prem Lata apologizes to MC House for protesting during the national anthem at the previous meeting. Manoj Mahajan

Mayor Sarabjit Kaur replied, “Today it has been proven that Congress is the AAP’s B team. They should know that an agenda for something that is already pending with the Secretary, Local Government, cannot be presented to the House. The local government should issue a notification within a day or two.

“Secondly, the opposition councilors should know that by fixing water leaks, we cannot offset the annual expenditure of about Rs 125 million for water supply. The leaking problem will however be solved. under the 24/7 water supply project. It is sad that they did not even pass up the points of the neighborhood development program of their own councillors,” she said. Later, when the agenda items were discussed, the opposition councilors called for the vote. While the BJP councilors voted in favor of all the agenda items, the more numerous opposition councilors voted against them, so they were not approved.

SAD’s sole adviser, Hardeep Singh, had a mixed response to agenda items. Another exception was Congressman Gurpreet Singh, who did not raise his hand against some of the agenda items.

Agenda items that were rejected

  • Review of Pet Dog Registration Fees
  • Disposal of full ownership
  • Rental of two chain bulldozers for maintenance and upkeep of the sanitary landfill
  • Setting City Construction and Demolition Waste Lifting Rates
  • Expansion of the animal pound at Raipur Kalan
  • Sanitation related works in Raipur Khurd
  • Improvement of the property tax system

MC House passed a resolution calling on the administration to enforce the land pooling policy for former villages in Chandigarh