Our 5 Favorite Moments From Korean Drama

alchemy of souls is among the best Kdramas going right now and it really deserves this spot with its amazing plot and cast. Starring Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, alongside other cast members. This tvN series has been climbing the charts and wowing audiences since Episode 1. This drama has everything it takes to make it a must-watch, but what really stands out are some moments that leave us speechless.

As the series slowly heads towards its season finale, this show’s popularity is growing as fans come up with theories and hope for a happy season finale. But there’s also the excitement of what’s to come in the next season because we all know this show creates excitement like no other.

So as we head to the end, let’s recount 5 special moments from the show that shocked, amazed, or made our hearts flutter.

5 favorite moments from Alchemy of Souls

Mu-deok drunk

Alchemy of Souls episode 5

When the student does not listen, the teacher must let go, even if he does not always do it on purpose. After getting drunk (thanks to the crown prince), Mu-deok lets go of everything she has been holding in her heart. Insecurity, inferiority, everything she feels in this body is released, which makes Jang Uk realize.

This is one of my favorites because she is no longer the strict master and her lyrics are changing Jang Uk for the better. What makes it even better is that she bumps into Seo Yul, that moment was funny but beautiful.

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love birds

Alchemy of Souls episode 9
Alchemy of Souls episode 9 pictures

One of the best couples on this show has to be Park Jin and Kim Do-ju. Their bickering and understanding of unrequited love brings them together but also makes them oblivious to each other’s feelings. Every moment these two share is precious, and with the entrance of Master Lee, it’s taken to the next level of comedy.

True Mu-deok

Alchemy of Souls episode 9
Alchemy of Souls episode 9 pictures

You’ll be lying if you say Mu-deok’s true identity doesn’t shock you. If seeing her during Jang Uk’s failed soul change wasn’t enough, her identity as Jin Bu-yeon really knocked us off our chairs! The genie who was Jin Ho-kyung’s beloved daughter and who could control the power of heaven became Naksu’s new body who is the daughter of a constellation mage. Talk about coincidences.

We already know that the real Jin Bu-yeon will be back one day and that will shake this show to the core, and we look forward to that day.

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Master Lee is a Soul Shifter?!

Alchemy of Souls Episode 14
Alchemy of Souls Episode 14

The last episode of alchemy of souls brought us one of the biggest revelations and there is no doubt that it shocked all viewers. Who would have expected that the reason Master Lee could identify the identity of Mu-deok’s Soul Shifter was that he himself is a Soul Shifter? And so began a series of theories among fans who are now speculating that he might as well be master Seo Gyeong.

Jang Uk hugs Mu-deok

Alchemy of Souls Episode 14 Recap
Pictures from episode 14 of Alchemy of Souls

We know everyone was waiting for this moment and when we finally got it, there were fireworks. Jang Uk finally kissing Mu-deok is definitely a fan favorite moment and it cannot be overlooked in this list. We might as well call it this show’s best moment, but there are episodes that are still to come, so we can’t give it that title just yet.

I hope things continue to improve between these two as we really want a happy ending for this pair.

What are your favorite moments from alchemy of souls? Let us know in the comments below!

alchemy of souls is streaming on netflix.

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