Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Since its origins in the 1950s, the Primetime Emmys The Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category has spotlighted many great actors. breaking Bad‘s Byran Cranston has the most wins in class history with four wins, including three straight. This year, Sterling K. Brown is aiming for his sixth consecutive nomination for his portrayal of Randal Pearson in It’s us. The actor won the award in 2017.

Similar to Brown, Better call Saul Bob Odenkirk has also been nominated multiple times, although he has yet to win. He hopes 2022 will be his year to earn that feat. The favorites for the award could be the recipient, Jeremy Strong for Successionthrice nominated Jason Bateman for Ozark, or first-time nominee Lee Jung-Jae for squid game. YellowstoneKevin Costner is also in the mix for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.


With the 74th annual Primetime Emmys fast approaching, TV series fans have been ticking events off the calendar, as reported by Variety, leading up to the big reveal. The official Emmy nominations for the 2022 season will be announced on July 12, 2022. Until then, here are our predictions for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Jeremy Strong—Estate

Jeremy Strong hoping for her second win for her role as Kendall Roy on the hit HBO show Succession. The actor previously won the award in 2020 for the show’s second season. Succession follows the Roy family, who are best known for the media and entertainment company they own, which happens to be the largest. All is well with the family until their father leaves the business.

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Jason Bateman – Ozark

ozark just wrapped up its final season, and with that, hopefully, an Emmy nomination is on the way. jason batmanthe future. In the popular Netflix show, Bateman plays Marty Byrde, a financial adviser who moves his family to the Missouri Ozarks, where he finds himself embroiled in a drug boss. Along with his wife and two children, he must launder money through businesses to keep himself and his family safe and fight for their freedom.

Lee Jung-jae – Squid Game

Another Netflix original series is also looking to be a strong contender for Emmy nominations this year after a huge following of fans streamed the show last year. squid gameis the main man, Lee Jung Jae will most likely receive his nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Seong Gi-hun, one of the many Korean citizens who were invited to participate in the games for a cash prize – something every chosen member desperately needs.

Kevin Costner – Yellowstone

In 2018, Paramount Networks released a new show titled Yellowstone, which followed the Duttons, a Montana ranching family that constantly fights with others threatening to encroach on their land. Over the years, the show has grown in popularity and spanned two spinoffs, one of which was recently announced. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, the head of the household who is the very definition of patriarchy. Over the seasons, his character and his game have progressed alongside him.

Josh Brolin – Outdoor Range

After the success of Yellowstone, more Western-style shows appeared. Amazon Prime’s contribution to the genre comes into play Outdoor beach. Where Yellowstone it’s more dramatic Outdoor beach is more thriller. Josh Brolin plays rancher Royal Abbott who must defend against a mystery at the edge of the Wyoming wilderness. The mystery of the hole and Brolin’s acting seem like the main redeeming qualities of the show, but for most viewers. While the series doesn’t get many other nominations, they can hope for a nod to best lead actor.

Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul

With its final season currently airing, fans are asking You better call Saul Main actor Bob Odenkerk to ultimately win the award, he was nominated multiple times. The show itself, over its six seasons, received 39 nominations, which unfortunately resulted in no wins. With its final season here, it’s likely that the hit AMC crime drama will finally get its first win.

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Brian Cox – Estate

We’ve already seen Jeremy Strong as a possible contender for the award, but he’s not the only one possibly representing the highly decorated show. Joining it is Brian Cox, aka Logan Roy, the patriarch of the series. The ruthless business magnate leaves his media company and turns his children’s lives upside down.

Sterling K Brown – This Is Us

With yet another season, this time the final, for It’s usfans can expect to see Sterling K. Brown once again for his role as Randal Pearson. As he takes on a number of great actors, Brown has continued to show off his acting skills, putting him high on the list for at least one nomination. In the show’s later seasons, new past and present moments are shown for the Big Three, their mother, and their families.

Adam Scott – severance pay

Breakup is a drama series that doubles as a psychological thriller. In its first season, Breakup follows a company that specializes in a medical procedure that can separate working memories from non-working memories. One of their employees, Mark Scout, played by Adam Scottunderwent the separation procedure, but after the death of his wife, he begins to uncover a network of conspiracies.

Jamie Dornan – The Tourist

As the only BBC show on this list, The tourist may see a nomination from its lead actor Jamie Dornan. The mystery/comedy aired on the BBC, then aired on HBO Max earlier this year. In March 2022, the show was officially greenlit for a second season, qualifying Dornan for this award. Dornan plays “the man” who woke up in Australia with no memory of who he is or even more who he was.