Overseas Drama Rises in Darren’s Hell

BOGOTÁ.– Juan Camacho can tell. “We did the trip for five days, we paid $60 per person per group of 60 to have an Indian guide us. We slept among bushes and stones by a raging river. We did the muddy climb (the famous Loma de la Muerte) and slept on the descent to La Llorona. We lit a fire, made them drink kerosene so that the snakes did not pass. Thank God nothing bad happened. all we experience is learning and memorizing,

This 22-year-old Venezuelan, engineering student, Arrived in New York after 55 days and a 7,200 km odyssey “Because the situation in Venezuela is disastrous, chaotic, the salary is not enough,” he told LA NACION. The Camacho crosses the Darien jungle, which was the epicenter of the current migration crisis on the continent, a drama that continues to grow.

The route between Colombia and Panama, also known as El Tapón, is The most terrifying part of the journey of desperate people in search of a new life, especially Venezuelans, whose presence has increased tenfold in recent months. A road that looks like hell: 10 to 15% of women in Darien are victims of sexual violence, according to calculations by the Red Cross.

Freddy Lira, a 39-year-old Venezuelan policeman, sold his motorbike and the rest of his belongings to go to Darien. Like many of his other compatriots, he had tried, without success, in another expatriate destination, Chile. The American dream does not let Creoles sleep, it is not for nothing that Latin America has become the biggest social powder keg on the planet. As soon as he left home on June 28, His mother felt the worst.

Even today, he laments in Valencia, the capital of the state of Carabobo, because that could not prevent an Odyssey from turning into a tragedy.

“He is so serious, I don’t know if he will resist”, we hear in the video where Lira appears in the middle of the mud, shivering from hypothermia and looking lost. Nothing else is known to his family, who learned of his misfortune as the video went viral on social media. He is then swallowed by the woods, although other hikers have confirmed that the former policeman died in the jungles of Panama. At least a dozen Venezuelans have died in Darien so far this year.

Migrants with leg injuries arrive at medical posts in Darien due to long marchDoctors at the Gorgas Institute in Panama

“They were abandoned because they were tired. I love them with my life,” Edwell Chirinos told local television in Utah, where he lives, after checking that his wife, Luz Eslidis Steele, and their 3-year-old daughter, Lucid, were trying to get to the States. A group of about twenty people from Venezuela.

Evidence agrees that the two eventually drowned in one of the rivers in the forest. “To prevent them from rotting on the shore, they were thrown into the water to find the bodies where the river empties. It’s torture not being able to bury them,” Chirinos said.

It’s Darren’s Hell, endless drama. The wildest forests trap passers-by in swamps and mud or drown them in rivers. The Loma de la Muerte sinks its feet into the mud and weakens the resistance of the migrants. Bajda de la Lorona breaks her bones and lives with the rest of the forces. Such a journey also ended with William Monterolla, who left a painful video for the news of Venezuelan emigration awaiting death stuck in the mud: “This is Darren’s truth, what it takes to have a better life.”

According to the government of Panama, which is already studying with Colombia how to allow pedestrians to use more pedestrian routes, In Darien, about 30,000 people suffered in six months.

A patient with cercarial dermatitis in DarienDoctors at the Gorgas Institute in Panama

Migration barriers prevent Venezuelans from flying to Mexico or other Central American countries, a less dangerous and cheaper trip than crossing Darien, where they arrive after crossing the border, passing through Medellin and arriving in Necocli. From this Colombian port, the cost of a several-hour boat trip to Careto in Panama is $300, which reduces Crossing the forest for five or six days. The second visit can be extended up to 10 days.

“People appeared on the third mountain, armed with teeth. People grab you, strip you, rape you, do whatever they can to you, and if you don’t have any money, they kill you. I lived it, seven people raped me… seven… they laugh at you, they cum in your face, they tell you to move, to feel”, “Maria”, a fictitious name, described for TVV in the United States without showing his face.Several rapes took place in front of his entire group, all of whom were threatened with firearms.

In five months, Médecins Sans Frontières treated nearly a hundred women who had been raped in the wild. Most of them don’t report it.

,Darien is a constant human tragedy. Juan Papier, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW), told this newspaper: “Each year, thousands of migrants cross this dangerous forest and return to their country of origin. Avoid violation of human rights.

“Maduro’s dictatorship, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our history, incites these thousands of Venezuelans to seek a better quality of life in other latitudes,” said deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa when uploaded to his network. Socially uploaded. The rising waters of one of the rivers in the forest lead a child, finally saved for a few seconds.

There were two Venezuelan women in the same fate, injured and unable to walk, rescued by a Panamanian army patrol. On the other hand, nothing could have been done in the last hours for the life of another Venezuelan, José Díaz, a former university student, bitten by a snake in the middle of a trip and without the good fortune of Juan Camacho, who had previously worked only to mark the final turning point of his life in New York.