Peaky Blinders and His Dark Materials stars in new BBC drama

Peaky Blinders star Daryl McCormack and Its dark materials Star Ruth Wilson has been cast in a new BBC gothic thriller.

Created and written by Joe Murtagh, The woman in the wall will examine the shocking legacy of Ireland’s inhumane institutions, The Magdalene Laundries.

Wilson will play Lorna Brady, who wakes up to find a corpse in her house without knowing who the woman is or if she murdered her.


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Lorna suffers from extreme bouts of sleepwalking which manifested during her stay at the fictional convent in Kilkinure – home to one of Ireland’s Magdalene laundries.

As one of the convent’s few survivors, Lorna suffers all her life and is unable to lead a normal life.

“Lorna Brady is a complex and compelling character and I’m thrilled to help bring her to life,” Wilson explained.

“In The woman in the wall Joe has created both a thrilling gothic thriller and a moving examination of the legacy of The Magdalene Laundries. It’s a privilege to bring this story to the screens.”

Ruth Wilson attends a red carpet premiere at the bfi london film festival

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McCormack will play Detective Colman Akande who is on the trail of Wilson’s Brady for a seemingly unrelated crime.

A press release described the drama as follows: “Distinct, moving and revealing, The woman in the wall is a gothic detective story full of dark humor and elements of psychological horror, which follows a pair of forgotten and unlikely protagonists in search of the answers they so desperately need in a place where they have long been buried. “

Creator Joe Murtagh said he’s “frustrated” that so few people have heard of laundries and that he hopes to “shed some light on the horrible things that have happened within these types of institutions and present this story to the general public, so that nothing like it could ever happen again.”

Peaky Blinders is available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Netflix.