Poster for hit crime drama among tributes left at slain mobster James Whelan’s grave

A floral tribute including a poster for British gangster drama ‘Top Boy’ was left at the grave of slain Dublin criminal James Whelan last week.

he critically acclaimed show compared to Love Hate is set in the heart of London on the fictional Summerhouse estate.

It follows two notorious drug dealers who, despite their desire to lead an honest life, are corrupted by the promise of increased wealth and respect in their neighborhood.

A poster for the show featuring the main characters was just part of the elaborate arrangements for Whelan’s lavish £30,000 funeral at Finglas last week.

Whelan was laid to rest in a “spectacular” funeral on Wednesday – which saw motorbikes and a Lamborghini do stunts outside his home as his golden coffin was transported by horse-drawn carriage from his home in Finglas.

Industry sources later put the cost of Whelan’s golden coffin – believed to have been a split-lid American steel coffin – at around €16,000.

The casket is constructed with a steel casing, but loved ones have the option of choosing between a silver or gold finish.

The same source estimated the costs associated with the horse-drawn carriage at around €2,000 adding hearses, musicians, church fees, flowers, burial fees and Marquess hire would have brought the total cost to over €30,000.

During the funeral mass, members of Whelan’s family called on his associates to end the cycle of gang violence – but the gardaí believe the slain criminal’s associates are now bent on revenge.

Tensions within Whelan’s crew were ruthlessly stoked by continued online incitement from members of Flashy’s crew – who were blamed for Whelan’s ambush.

A source confirmed to The Sunday World this week that threats against Whelan before his death, further threats against associates and threats to desecrate his grave have been recorded and analyzed by officers.

“As part of the investigation into this murder, all online activity related to threats is recorded, analyzed and evaluated,” the source said.


Floral tributes left at James Whelan’s grave.

Floral tributes left at James Whelan’s grave.

“There are a number of people who are silent about online threats – but if the threats are deemed serious or come from more than one source that indicates they may be credible – then certainly that information is introduced into the intelligence. basin.”

Asked if the threat to Whelan’s grave would be taken as credible, the source said: ‘It’s something that has happened before – not to the point that a coffin has been dug up – but graves have been desecrated.

“On at least one occasion in recent times, efforts have been made to dig up a coffin.

“But it’s hard to say how credible such a threat is in this case, but the situation in Finglas is extremely tense.”

Prior to Whelan’s death, rival criminals from the Flashy gang branded him a rat online and, following his murder, bragged, “The Gucci gang are on top.” Kippure is full of tough men. It won’t be long before Wheelan is unearthed.


Other floral tributes to James 'Whela' Whelan

Other floral tributes to James ‘Whela’ Whelan

Other floral tributes to James ‘Whela’ Whelan

Whelan was shot and killed in the early hours of Sunday morning April 3.

The 29-year-old, who had more than 50 convictions, had fallen out with drug dealer nicknamed Mr Flashy after he started his own drug gang in Kippure.

Tensions between the two crews arose because Whelan was earning huge amounts of money from the so-called “scooter gang”, who ran his lucrative drug business in the locality.

This crew of mostly teenagers and men in their twenties use electric scooters to collect amounts of herbal cannabis and cocaine from various hideouts and wastelands, which are then sold as part of street transactions in the Finglas area.

Whelan’s murder is the most significant escalation in a year-long feud.

He has seen a number of tit-for-tat incidents, including an attack carried out by Whelan’s associates where an innocent family was lucky enough to escape when a bomb, believed to be a grenade, was thrown at their house.

After the wrong house was hit, Whelan then attempted to carry out an attack on the original target in the early hours of Sunday morning to his death, but his rivals from the “Mr Flashy” gang were waiting for him.

The belief among Whelan’s closest friends is that the ‘Mr Flashy’ gang had been tipped off that the drug dealer was on his way to commit an attack.

This gave them time to arm themselves with a high velocity weapon which was used to assassinate Whelan and shoot other men believed to be with him for the botched gang attack.

It is understood that the murder is blamed by Whelan’s associates on a junior associate very close to the drug dealer nicknamed ‘Mr. Flashy’, who may have even spotted Whelan coming on a CCTV system before indiscriminately shooting his potential attackers.

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