Real Housewives of Dubai’s drama about ‘rudest wedding guest ever’

The last episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai presented some serious drama as Caroline Stanbury prepared for her wedding to Sergio Carrallo.

Due to COVID, the couple didn’t have the easiest trip down the aisle, but during Wednesday’s (July 20) episode, they hit another bump on their way to the altar.

In the episode, Caroline and Sergio held their engagement party in the desert, where all of their guests had to wear white.


However, one guest, Caroline’s nemesis, Chanel Ayan, made a major mistake when choosing her evening attire – choosing a dress that Caroline said looked his look like the bride.

Seeing Chanel’s dress as she stopped by the party, Caroline said, “Is somebody in a fucking wedding dress? Chanel is in a wedding dress.”

Sergio then said, “Are you kidding me right now?”

“That has to be the biggest slap a guest can give a bride,” Caroline later said in her confessional.

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“Anyone else with an ounce of etiquette would understand that you’re not going to a woman’s wedding in a wedding dress.”

After seeing Caroline’s dress when she arrived at the party, Chanel said, “Oh my God, why do I have a train? She has a train.”

Caroline then approached Chanel and asked, “Did you come as me?” While Chanel tried to smooth things over by telling Caroline “you look gorgeous”, the bride had none of it and added, “Possibly the rudest wedding guest ever.”

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Caroline added in her confessional: “The lace, the train, the veil and the blonde wig – I look less bridal than her!”

However, it should be noted that Chanel wasn’t actually wearing a veil, it was just the blonde hair that Caroline mistook for a veil in the distance.

Defending her choice of dress, Chanel said in her confessional: “First of all, Caroline, I’m a beautiful black woman. We don’t look alike at all, and I was wearing couture from Amato.

“She was definitely wearing Shein. You can’t compare or compete.”

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