Review: The superbly taut ‘Murina’ once again offers us coming-of-age drama, starring eel | app

“Murina,” an incredibly tense and psychologically shrewd Croatian drama, opens with a glimpse of Chekhov’s harpoon gun, a fairly common device in tales of underwater peril.

Julija (Gracija Filipovic), a 17-year-old brunette who has spent most of her life swimming and snorkeling off the Adriatic coast, goes on a routine dive with her fisherman father, Ante ( Leon Lucev), in search of the moray eels which are the signature delicacy of the region (and which are referenced by the title of the film). Out come the harpoons and flashlights, illuminating a dark blue world whose visible and invisible wonders, and even its occasional terrors, are for Julija a well-deserved respite from the oppression of her life above the surface.

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