Selling the OC: Everything We Know About California Real Estate

Netflix has released a new trailer for the real estate drama series titled ‘Selling the OC’. A real estate business is based on a property consisting of land and buildings with many natural sources like crops, minerals or water. When you think of real estate agents, you never think of red blazers with protruding shoulder pads, preparing delicious presentations to attract potential buyers, and also such long discussions to give up such an inspection.

The story goes that the Oppenheim brothers and also Netflix changed all that. Now the work is basically a combination of a heavy layer of glitz and glamor with the hit Netflix reality series Selling Sunset which also follows the intrigue and drama of the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles and now we should be prepared to get more drama as The Oppenheim Brothers put themselves in charge of Orange County and also introduced such a long roster of super competitive and super attractive agents.

Netflix recently showed off a new teaser and cast for the upcoming series of this real estate show Selling The OC.

Selling the OC: the plot


The glamorous trailer gives us a flashy look in this attestation series, which will feature a whole new cast of agents who also have conflicts not only in the office but also at the club, the yacht and more wildly on the terrace. from the restaurant, the beach. Overselling homes in the Hollywood Hills, however, the OC team will show off beach and cliffside properties that reveal a completely separate side of California stretching that real estate market.

OC Trailer Sale Reveals Coastal California Real Estate Drama

Sell ​​the OC: Distribution

The new teaser reveals many new actors. The latest OC team includes many new faces like

Alex Hall – He is one of the top real estate agents in Orange County who has just made his career through experience and trust with his clientele,

alexandra Jarvis- who is an Alabama Southern Belle and uses her charm as well as her passion as a lawyer to lure her clients to a whole new level of expertise.

alexandra Pink– This is an important character who brings his background in professional sales to the table.

Austin Victoria– She plays the role of a former model and real estate agent in the group.

Brandi Marshall– A former public relations officer.

Glo Herlou– The first agents start working in the OC office of the Oppenheim Group

Katla Cardoon– She is originally from OC and also started her career at Zillow

Lauren Britto – Originally from California, he has worked in real estate since 2017.

Polly Brindle – She is a former English model and current estate agent.

Tayler Stanaland- She is a fifth-generation real estate agent and also a fourth-generation Laguna Beach resident.

Selling the OC: What We Know About Netflix's Spinoff Selling Sunset

Sell ​​the OC: release date

The drama show Real Estate has yet to give confirmation on the official release date.

Here is the trailer:

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