Seoul Vibe: Korean Action Drama Gives Thrilling Motor Racing Vibe

After waiting a long time, Netflix released the trailer for ‘Seoul Vibe’. For your kind information, this is a Korean original film which is scheduled to release in August. The action flick offers a retro look that takes audiences back to the 1980s, the era when South Korea was about to leave military rule consuming the rear view mirror like a mirror and feeling a new kind of coolness. The focus is on the breathtaking with a driving sequence, classic vehicles, vivid visuals and a groovy soundtrack.

The story leads us to those of the Summer Olympics, a group of crazy pilots and renowned mechanics Sanggye dong Supreme Teams who uncover a few suspicious companies attached to a VIP slush fund. The pilots are Yoo Ah-in, Koh Kyung-Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Park Ju-Hyun, and One Seong-wu as the truth behind a massive money laundering ring.

The trailer starts with a cool soundtrack. In the two-minute trailer, the drivers are ready for a full pick-up and the cars are roaring for the fun ride. At the starting point, there is a pretty girl with black sunglasses, a microphone in her hand, and who says: “Start Your Engine”. As soon as she said ‘GOOO!!’ a driver with a black car starts to pass the cars, the car giving five goosebumps when it takes a dangerous turn, on a busy road.

The man behind the wheel is Dong-Wook, who is a racer at heart and just needs a vehicle. However, he got a job from a man, and when the job is done, the man will satisfy them from all sides.

picture 344

The job is that they have to work as a spy for these prosecutors. Now the team is on their way to their first objective. The four-member team includes three men and a gorgeous woman, who arrive at the nightclub. The new offer offers them ten million for each delivery. The mission is not so smooth that the police car starts chasing them, and they just speed up their car and hide from the cop. Gradually, it becomes a game of cat and mouse. For the first time, Dong-Wook’s U-turns save them.

The next dawn, they drove around town and got a mixtape that will help them drive faster than the previous one. After that, the car driving just gives us the high-speed racing vibe, the cool embers in the trailer. At the end of the trailer, the motorcycle gang is racing, the cool driving stunts, the craze to complete the mission, and most importantly, the car with a gigantic parasuit.

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Seoul Vibe: Cast

The film features Too-Ah-in Dong-Wook, Go Kyung-Pyo Woo-sam, Lee Kyu-Hyung Bok-nam, Park Ju-Hyun Yoon-hee, Ong Seong-wu Joon-ki, Kim Sung-Kyun General Manager Le Hyun-Kyun, chief prosecutor of Jung Woong-in, president of Moon So-ri Kang Ln-sook, attorney Oh Jung-se Ahn. The film was directed by Moon Hyun-sung.

Seoul Vibe: release date

Netflix’s New Korean Drama Series Releases On 26the August 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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