Seren House’s young drama production team entertain Randburg audiences

Seren House Cottage School’s young drama production team performed The Jungle Book for their first-ever audience at Nederduits Hervormde Genentech Randburg Church on July 11.

The play tells the story of a boy whose father is killed while traveling in the jungle and raised by wolves.

The principal of Serene House Cottage, Dr. Eirwen Oswald, plays the piano for the play The Jungle Book. Photo: Karabo Mafatche

It mainly features animal characters and the villain is a tiger named Shere Khan who doesn’t like this “little boy” living in the jungle. The main characters are the ‘boy cub’ named Mowgli and Shere Khan.

A professional actor, writer and industrial theater specialist, Matthew Ribnick performed with elementary school production learners.

Mowgli the “little boy” played by David Dreijer stabs Matthew Ribnick as a tiger. Photo: Karabo Mafatche

“We invited a few small schools and people from a retirement home [Silver Stream Village] to come and watch the kids perform and also for the kids to feel what it’s like to have an audience because kids aren’t used to performing in front of an audience,” Ribnick said.

Mowgli played by David Dreijer, and Baloo played by Ella Tennant sing happily next to the big tree played by Tristant Baney. Photo: Karabo Mafatche

“They have to get used to the reaction of the audience when they are clapping or laughing.”

The audience loved the play and were left with smiles on their faces.

Baloo played by Ella Tennant sings at the top of her lungs. Photo: Karabo Mafatche

Silver Stream Village coordinator Nonhlahla Mabuza said the grannies enjoyed the play.

“It was a great play and most of all, we had fun watching the kids play,” Mabuza said.

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