Sherwood cast I Full character list for BBC One drama

“His path is in the right place. I guess you could describe him as a pillar of the community,” David Morrissey said of his on-screen character. “He must then very quickly investigate a brutal murder. Someone he knows from his past, who is killed on the streets where he grew up.

“He must return to his childhood region to investigate this terrible death of a man he knows and which puts him back in a community and a place in time and history that was very complicated for the community, and very complicated for him personally.”

Where have I seen David Morrissey before? The actor is known for his roles in The Walking Dead, The Other Boleyn Girl, Blitz, Welcome to the Punch, Britannia and, in recent years, The Singapore Grip, Good Omens, The Missing, The League of Gentlemen and more.

Robert Glenister plays Detective Inspector Kevin Salisbury

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire BBC

Who is DI Kevin Salisbury? A metropolitan policeman at the end of his career.

“Probably the last thing he wants is to be sent to Nottingham, which has memories and echoes of things past. But this huge investigation is coming and he has no choice – either he leaves or he will be forced to retire,” says Robert Glenister of his on-screen character.

Where have I seen Robert Glenister before? He is perhaps best known for starring in Hustle and Spooks (as Home Secretary) and in recent years has appeared in Strike, Suspicion, Isolation Stories, Curfew, Cold Feet and The Aeronauts.

Lesley Manville as Julie Jackson

Lesley Manville in Sherwood rushing out of her house with a shocked expression on her face

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Julie Jackson? The wife of a former miner, Gary Jackson, who was on the strike side in the 1980s.

Where have I seen Lesley Manville before? The Oscar-nominated actress is known for the likes of Phantom Thread (as Cyril), Another Year, Maleficent, Life After Life, and most recently was cast as Princess Margaret in The Crown.

Adeel Akhtar as Andy Fisher

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire BBC

Who is Andy Fisher? A train conductor born and raised in Nottingham, and the groom’s father, Neel, in Episode 1.

Where have I seen Adeel Akhtar before? You might recognize the actor from Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, or as Lestrade in Enola Holmes. He is also known for Four Lions, Utopia, The Big Sick, Killing Eve, Back to Life and Les Misérables (the BBC One version).

Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent


BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire BBC

Who is Sarah Vincent? She is campaigning to be a local councilor and is engaged to Neel Fisher.

“Sarah is campaigning to be a local councilor, so she’s very politically aware,” says Joanne Froggatt. “Her political views differ from most of her community because she campaigns as a Conservative in a predominantly working-class area, a hard-working Labor constituency. Ashfield has a history with mining and has been hugely affected in the 1980s by Thatcher and the miners. ‘ Strikes.’

Where have I seen Joanne Froggatt before? Downton Abbey fans will instantly recognize Froggatt as the maid Anna Smith, later Anna Bates, in the ITV series Downton Abbey and its subsequent spin-off films. She has also appeared in Angela Black (in the title role), Liar, The Harrowing and The Commons.

Claire Rushbrook as Cathy Rowley

Cathy Rowley looks at the camera in Sherwood

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Cathy Rowley? She’s Julie’s sister. The couple no longer have a relationship due to the fallout from the strike.

Where have I seen Claire Rushbrook before? She recently appeared in the Sky Temple series and the BBC comedy Don’t Forget the Driver. His resume also includes No Offense, Kiri, Requiem, and My Mad Fat Diary, among others.

Kevin Doyle plays Fred Rowley

Fred Rowley looks at the camera in Sherwood

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Fred Rowley? Fred is Cathy’s husband. He was a miner and now suffers from a lung disease following his time in the pits.

Where have I seen Kevin Doyle before? He is best known for Downton Abbey.

Adam Hugill plays Scott Rowley

a man with a bow and arrow walking through the forest

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Scott Rowley? He is the son of Fred and the stepson of Cathy, who was to begin a stay in prison for fraud. Scott is the prime suspect in the murder of Gary Jackson.

Where have I seen Adam Hugill before? He appeared in the fantasy detective series The Watch.

Alun Armstrong plays Gary Jackson


BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire BBC

Who is Gary Jackson? A former striking miner who is unexpectedly murdered in Episode 1.

Where have I seen Alun Armstrong before? He played Mr. Hafez in The Mummy Returns and is also known for playing Cardinal Jinette in the Van Helsing franchise, Uncle Garrow from Eragon, and the High Constable from Sleepy Hollow. More recently, he starred in Breeders and Year of the Rabbit, while also being well known for his longtime role in New Tricks.

Philip Jackson and Lorraine Ashbourne play Micky and Daphne Sparrow

Sherwood sparrow family

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who are Micky and Daphne Sparrow? They’re a married couple who run a drug operation, which they hide behind their taxi business and archery range.

Where have I seen Philip Jackson before? He’s appeared in The Good Karma Hospital, Boomers, Peterloo, Raised by Wolves, Poirot and more.

Where have I seen Lorraine Ashbourne before? His CV includes Bridgerton, Alma’s Not Normal, The Crown, Cheat, Unforgotten, Jericho and more.

Perry Fitzpatrick plays Rory Sparrow

Rory Sparrow in Sherwood leans on the door of his taxi

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Rory Sparrow? Rory Sparrow is Daphne and Micky’s son, who is also involved in the family business.

Where have I seen Perry Fitzpatrick before? His most recent TV credits are Hullraisers and Line of Duty.

Sean Gilder plays Dean Simmonds

Dean Simmonds shouting arms outstretched in Sherwood

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Dean Simmonds? Dean Simmons is a former miner who continued to work during the strike, earning him the nickname “Scab”.

Where have I seen Sean Gilder before? He has appeared in Shameless, Our Girl, White House Farm and Poldark, among others.

Bally Gill as Neel Fisher


Who is Neel Fisher? Sarah Vincent’s fiancé and son of local train conductor Andy Fisher.

Where have I seen Bally Gill before? The stage and film actor is probably best known for Wanderlust, Slow Horses, Manhunt and This Is Going to Hurt.

Lance O’Reilly-Chapman and Safia Oakley-Green play Lance and Cinderella

Lance and Cinderella with their grandmother Julie in a pub in Sherwood

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who are Lance and Cinderella? Lance and Cinderella are Julie and Gary’s grandchildren. Cinderella is dating the youngest member of the Sparrow family, Ronan.

Where have I seen Lance O’Reilly-Chapman and Safia Oakley-Green before? Sherwood is O’Reilly-Chapman’s most notable role to date. Oakley-Green appeared in The Color Room.

Terence Maynard plays Sergeant Cleaver

Sergeant Cleaver looks at the camera in Sherwood

BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Sergeant Cleaver? Sergeant Cleaver works alongside DCS Ian St Clair in the Gary Jackson murder investigation.

Where have I seen Terence Maynard before? You’ll recognize him from Coronation Street, where he played Tony Stewart.

Bill Jones plays Ronan Sparrow

Safia Oakley-Green and Bill Jones in Sherwood

Who is Ronan Sparrow? Ronan is the youngest member of the Sparrow family. He is also involved in the family business and has a romantic relationship with Cinderella.

Where have I seen Bill Jones before? He appeared in the BBC series The Village by Peter Moffat.

Don Vest plays Jacob Harris

Don Gilet in Sherwood

Don Gilet in Sherwood Credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Jacob Harris? Jenny’s husband and friend of Ian St Clair.

Where have I seen Don Gilet before? Vest is perhaps best known for his roles in the BBC dramas Babyfather, 55 Degrees North and EastEnders, in which he played preacher-turned-murderer Lucas Johnson. He has also appeared in other television series including The Doll Maker, Broke and Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.

Clare Holman as Helen St Clair

Who is Helen St Clair? Helen St Clair is married to Ian St Clair.

Where have I seen Clare Holman before? She is best known for her role as Dr Laura Hobson in Inspector Morse and its spin-off Lewis.

Stephen Tompkinson plays Warnock

Who is Warnock? A former miner and friend of Gary. Gary confided in him about the undercover cop he was investigating.

Where have I seen Stephen Tompkinson before? The actor is perhaps best known for his role in the 1996 British comedy-drama film Brassed Off as well as the Channel 4 television sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey. More recently he has appeared in a number of television series including The Bay and The Other One.

Nadine Marshall as Jenny Harris

Who is Jenny Harris? Principal of a local school. Jenny was romantically involved with Kevin when he arrived on the scene to monitor the strike.

Where have I seen Nadine Marshall before? Marshall has appeared in a host of popular television series in recent years such as Trigger Point, Dodger and Time.

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