Sherwood: Is the new BBC drama based on a true story?

BBC’s new thriller Sherwood follows the tragic and unexpected murders that threaten to shatter an already fractured community. The drama will be set in Nottinghamshire and will star David Morrissey and Joanne Froggatt.

Sherwood will begin on BBC One on Monday June 13 at 9 p.m. At the heart of Sherwood lie two shocking and unexpected murders that have sparked a massive manhunt.

As mistrust and antipathy grow, both between lifelong neighbors and towards the police forces that land in the city, the tragic killings threaten to stoke the historic divisions sparked by the miners’ strike three decades earlier. But is the drama based on a true story?

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Sherwood is based on a true story about events that happened in the hometown of James Graham, the creator and executive producer of Sherwood. The show is not a literal adaptation and the characters are fictional but the drama was inspired by real events in the community.

James spoke about what it was like to represent his community, he said: “Coming from this community, places like this rarely get screen time. I don’t think there’s ever been a of drama taking place in the part of the world that I grew up in. So to be able to put those voices and those people, and their sense of humor and wit, and that experience, and the conditions that underlie that on-screen community, is a huge privilege.

The show is based on real events

The real events that took place involved two murders in 2004. Robert Boyer murdered former miner Keith Frogson and Terry Rodgers who killed his daughter Chanel Huthwaite.

Both men fled to the same local woods, near the village of Annesley Woodhouse, after the murders. The murders were brutal when Robert shot Keith with a crossbow, stabbed him to death, and set fire to his house with Keith’s daughter and son-in-law still inside.

Terry was living with his daughter Chanel when he shot her four times, just weeks after her wedding. After fleeing into the woods, the two killers remained at large for weeks.

The search for Terry involved a team of over 450 officers from forces across the UK, cost over £1.5million and led to a desperate call from the community to find him with posters.” Wanted” pasted on lampposts and in shop windows.

Terry eluded police for nearly three weeks after building a shelter in the woods and was finally found on August 16, the day after Boyer was found.

Terry was never convicted because after receiving his trial date in March 2006, he went on a hunger strike and died in February 2006. He never revealed why he killed Chanel.

Robert was given an indefinite hospital order if he suffered from mental illnesses and believed Keith was trying to harm him. Sherwood will begin on BBC One on Monday June 13 at 9 p.m.