Six iconic scenes from Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun was my first dose of Song Joong-ki, the hero who made me forget all the other Korean actors I had a crush on at that time. Such was its impact. The unique narrative added to the effect. I literally watched the show multiple times in a row. Yes, I did, and I never got bored once. It’s a not-so-essential wartime K-drama with brilliant aesthetics, camerawork, and a heartwarming story of romance, comedy, and adventure that delivers stellar performances, paired with stunning OSTs. In a word, Descendants of the Sun is a bit of everything that comes together perfectly to form a perfect cult classic.

At the center of the story is Uruk – the strife-torn land where Captain Yoo Si-jin (Song Joon-ki), Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) and the members of Alpha Team are tasked with relieving hostages and to neutralize terrorist activities. These men, along with Doctor Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo), First Lieutenant Yoon Myeong-joo (Kim Ji-won), and staff from Haesung Hospital Medical Services, band together to overcome the adversities: appalling circumstances, natural disaster and deadly disease. . What follows is a saga of unforgettable moments of romance, high-octane action sequences, comedy scenes and witty dialogue.

The humorous banter between the main characters provides the best comic relief in an otherwise serious narrative. Additionally, the bond between the military and health department officials serving the country is truly inspiring. So today’s K-drama flashback piece will take you down memory lane while reviewing the six most iconic scenes from 2016’s megahit blockbuster, Descendants of the Sun.

Sparks fly when Captain Si Jin meets a fiery but gorgeous cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Mo Yeon. Wasting no time, Si Jin takes her on dates at regular intervals, but the call of duty keeps interrupting their time together. A distraught Mo Yeon soon discovers that their perspectives are irreconcilable (Si Jin will kill for her country, and she will honor the The Hypocratic Oath and save lives at all costs). A blossoming romance is nipped in the bud as opposing viewpoints collide. However, they don’t know that fate has other plans. One of my favorites is the next scene – a humorous clip from their first meeting.

Si Jin and Dae Young are sent to Uruk to help the United Nations maintain regional peace. Mo Yeon, on the other hand, puts a stop to surgeries after being denied a professorship due to her lack of contacts. So, she decides to become a doctor in charge of VIP patients at Haesung Hospital, a role that carries a celebrity status that goes against her principles. Later, her refusal to accept romantic advances from the hospital president leads her to Uruk as a medical team leader to service a clinic in the area – a time when Mo Yeon and Si Jin are reunited by chance. .

As the Prince of Abu Dhabi is about to die, Si Jin asks Mo Yeon if she can save him (he wants to make sure the prince lives and the doctor isn’t blamed). As Mo Yeon confirms she can, Si Jin and her team point guns at the prince’s men and vice versa. While the latter orders Mo Yeon to stand down, Si Jin, on the other hand, insists on saving the prince. So, he tells Mo Yeon to continue the treatment. In the midst of a standoff, the medical team begins transporting the patient to the operating room. As Mo Yeon leaves, Si Jin turns to look at her. Deep down, he admires the doctor’s commitment to saving lives, and she admires his courage.

Lieutenant General Yoon’s daughter, Yoon Myeong-joo, is a doctor in the South Korean army. While on probation, she meets Dae Young and is immediately attracted to him. Although their relationship is public, their differences in rank make it forbidden. He is a non-commissioned officer, while she is an officer. But with their feelings strong, Myeong Joo isn’t deterred from pursuing Dae Young (much to his father’s dismay). The next scene is a throwback to Dae Young and his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. We see him congratulating the future bride when suddenly, Myeong Joo appears out of nowhere introducing himself as his current girlfriend.

Mo Yeon unexpectedly reveals her feelings to Uruk (much to the delight of Si Jin and the others), and the two start dating again. The wine and kiss moment from episode five is one of the many other points in this drama that illustrate why the “Song-Song couple” (Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo) were and still are a favorite. fans. Si Jin meets Mo Yeon, who sips wine and offers to share it with him. “It’s not like there’s no other way,” the Captain replies, immediately sealing the moment with a kiss.

After watching it many times already, I would happily watch this drama again just to see Dae Young and Myeong Joo. In my opinion, for the first time compared to other K-dramas, the second leads were as popular as the main ones. Jin Goo’s stunning portrayal of a broken soul split between duty and love is beautifully brought to life. In front of Myeong Joo, he stays silent and doesn’t say anything, but deep down inside, he’s a latent volcano of emotions waiting to erupt. Dae Young returns home in the next clip, and when Myeong Joo calls, to his surprise, he answers. Even though he doesn’t speak, Myeong Joo is overjoyed to have received his call.

The grandeur of this spectacle cannot be conveyed in a few scenes, as seen above. I’m sure many of you know this drama and love it as much as I do. But those who are new to K-drama, watch it without fail, and it’s for you in particular that I don’t want to spoil you anymore. However, there is an interesting fact about the series that I would like to mention: it was completely pre-produced before it aired, which is unusual in Korean dramas. According to Kim Won-seok (co-writer of the series), the approach helps to improve the quality of a drama. Apart from Descendants of the Sunno other pre-produced drama has been so successful, including Moon Lovers: Scarlet-Hearted Ryeo, love uncontrollablyand Hwarang: Youth Warrior Poet.

Descendants of the Sun‘s fame was also catalyzed by his fantastic album, which contains some of the finest love ballads I’ve heard to date. Below is the full playlist for your enjoyment.