Squid Game actor Anupam Tripathi speaks Hindi in K drama series, video goes viral

Kdramas was already growing thanks to Netflix over the past two years and in 2021 it got even better. The way Korean filmmakers and series creators experience content is mind-boggling. This is why the momentum after Squid game has not gone down, in fact it has only gotten better. Then there is Hell, Hometown Cha Cha Cha and more. Squid game Also gave us Anupam Tripathi, an Indian actor who is making waves in a hit Korean series. Anupam Tripathi In Squid Game, Kubbra Sait In Foundation – 7 Indian actors making waves in international shows.

We all know the actor has been a part of several Kdramas and movies. But do you know that he also spoke Hindi in one of them? A video of him speaking in Hindi on a Kdrama series goes viral. A fan shared this video from Just between lovers which stars Lee Jun-ho and Won Jin-A from Kpop 2PM.

Tripathi can be seen talking about the Korean War and more in this video clip. You can watch the series on Netflix. Check it out here: Squid Game: Anupam Tripathi, Indian Actor In Korean Netflix Hit Series, Has A Connection To Salman Khan’s Bharat – Here’s How.

Just between lovers is about three people who share the same tragedy – a building collapse. While working on a replacement structure, they show how negatively the incident changed their lives, relationships, and themselves. It’s an awe-inspiring show that explores the repercussions of the tragedy not only physically or financially, but also psychologically.

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