Stan Grant Q and a Ukrainian Drama Explained

Who is Sasha Gillies-Lekakis, Stan Grant Q and Ukrainian drama explained: Recently, Sasha Gillies Lekakis was trending on social media. It has become a hot topic these days. He was expelled from the Q+A studio for advocating violence and asking a pro-Russian question. Q&A host Stan Grant kicked pro-Russian audience member Sasha Gillies Lekakis off the sets on Thursday. He gets into an intense debate between the panelists after suggesting a pro-Ukraine bias and the debate turns to anger. Sasha questioned the media about Russian and was later expelled for advocating violence. Follow more updates at

Who is Sasha Gillies-Lekakis?

The controversy got a lot of attention and went viral on Twitter. Many responses came from all over the world. People say who is right or who is wrong. Some applauded the host while others said he could have handled the situation better. Otherwise, if someone was in his position, he would not tolerate it and show his anger.

Sasha Gillies-Lekakis: Q&A from Stan Grant Ukraine

Sasha Gillies Lekakis was kicked out of the Q+A interview when he made a controversial statement and asked a question supporting violence. Now he is being accused by Stna Grant of being unprofessional on the show. His age was around 23 years old. Currently, he is studying Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Melbourne. He was the first student from the university to undertake an exchange program in Cuba. Because at his age, people hang out with their friends, hang out with random strangers, and have fun with girls. Sasha only spent one semester studying in communist Cuba and living on her own. She is also studying other topics but she has not disclosed them in public.

Sasha claims that she requested his investigation through the official Q+A submission system. He reported that Stan claimed that the question had not been verified and that was not the case. Sasha Gillies Lekakis posed her question stating that there are a lot of Russians living in Australia and people are watching Putin’s action what he was doing in Ukraine. The media narrative that Russia is the bad guy and Ukraine is the good guy angers him. Stan Grant then answered Sasha’s question, telling her that it had gone too far. According to some reports, people are talking about family members who are suffering because of the bloodshed in Ukraine. To learn more, follow this site for the latest updates