Stephen King sings the praises of this acclaimed drama series

Stephen King – the legendary horror author who wrote works such as THIS, Carrie, and The dark tower series – now gives his two cents on a psychological drama.

King praised for critically acclaimed Showtime series Yellow jackets on Twitter Thursday, saying it’s “one hell of a good survival story, one hell of a good mystery story, and has its fair share of horrific moments.”

The novelist also said the series contained what many modern shows lack: “crisp characterization and a biting sense of humor.” Check out the tweet for yourself here.

yellow jackets

King is no stranger to ringing in on Twitter about what he thinks are great shows, movies, and books, such as the novel. December 5, the FX program canceled prematurely Y: The last man, and even he even drew between the Netflix survival drama Squid game and some of his own novels.

So what is it Yellow jackets even about? It is the story of four teenagers involved in a plane crash in 1996. The New Jersey high school football team were on their way to Seattle for a national tournament, but while flying over Canada, the crash occurs and the remaining members of the team are all trapped in the wild, where they must survive for 19 months.

Things go off the rails in a Lord of the Flies and in a “Giving Party” style, however, and the series moves forward to follow the current lives of individuals as adults after going through the chaos of life or death as a teenager.

The next episode of Yellow jackets aired at show time this Sunday, January 9.