Sudha Chandran: If there is no drama in a TV show, I also change the channel. Theater is an integral part of entertainment

Sudha Chandran believes that television as a medium has evolved over the years. For the Naagin 6 actor, the TV industry has always been special. Therefore, she feels a different kind of attachment to this medium.

Sharing her thoughts, she says, “I gained name and fame here through television and also had the opportunity to play characters that I always dreamed of. It was through television and the work I did that the industry and my audience accepted me and all of my experiences. Today I’m able to stand up and say I can do any character on TV.”

Talking about TV has grown over the years, she says: “It has definitely evolved over the years. Initially, we started with saas-bahu sagas, but today people have gone beyond that. Perhaps because of the advent of OTT platforms, people want realistic stories and characters they can relate to.

Television remains a medium dominated by women. Sharing the reason behind it, Sudha says, “It’s because people like to see the politics of the kitchen, the jealousy between women, women dressing up and deciding. Watch how a character’s fashion statement becomes popular. But the thing is, TV has given us so many strong female characters and I’m proud to have played some of them,” she says.

Drama will always reign on the small screen. She says, “Well, we all love drama. Let’s be honest about it. If there is no drama, I change the channel too.
Jab tak koi drama nahi ho, jab tak koi masala nahi ho, tab tak maza nahi aata. Dramas have always worked. Yes, I vouch for dramas in TV series. And we women create wonderful drama with our wonderful performances with or without a style statement. Drama is therefore an integral part of entertainment.