Taylor Swift rep’s apology for private jet drama sparks viral memes

Taylor Swift became the target of a host of tweets and memes after her spokesperson responded to a report naming her the biggest celebrity polluter due to the use of her private jet.

Last Friday, UK digital marketing firm Yard released a study based on an analysis of private jet flights tracked by Celebrity Jets automated flight tracker. He revealed that Swift topped a celebrity list, with 170 flights emitting 8,293 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Studying the list put the singer ahead of a host of mega-rich celebrities, including Floyd Mayweather (177 flights; 7,076 tons of carbon dioxide), Jay-Z (136; 6,981), Alex Rodriguez (106; 5,342) and Blake Shelton (111; 4,495).

The celebrity top 10 also included Kim Kardashian in seventh place, followed by Mark Wahlberg, Oprah Winfrey and Travis Scott.

A Taylor Swift spokesperson’s statement about the use of her private jet has sparked a host of jokes and viral memes. Above, Swift performs onstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on October 30, 2021, with an inset image of a private jet.
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The investigation was sparked by a photo that Kylie Jenner recently uploaded to Instagram, showing herself and her partner, Travis Scott, posing in front of their respective private jets.

Captioning the image, Jenner wrote, “Do you want to take mine or yours?” Still, the study placed Jenner 19th on its celebrity list, with Swift leading the way.

A representative for Swift responded to the study, saying frequent use of the star’s Falcon 7X jet – one of two private planes believed to be owned by Swift – was caused by other people flying on the aircraft. plane.

“Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned out to other people,” Swift’s spokesperson said. Newsweek. “Attributing most or all of these trips to him is clearly incorrect.

The spokesperson’s response to the report sparked a slew of viral tweets blaming the star for her use of what is widely seen as a symbol of privilege and wealth.

In reaction to the statement, a person on Twitter wrote: “you really have to hand it to taylor swift’s publicist because ‘she generously rents out her jet for her poorer friends who can’t afford to use their own personal jets’ is the funniest way to put a humanitarian spin on it to its carbon emissions.”

The person added, “I would love to see more celebrities go this route. The next winner of the drag race should receive a cash prize of $100,000 and an acre of fractable land in Wyoming.”

Also following the ironic path, another wrote: “@TaylorSwift13 announces a NEW album entitled ‘Carbon Footprint:- A Long Private Jet Journey’ which will be released at midnight. The first single ‘Emission’ is out now.”

In another tweet, the caption Lily: “Taylor Swift makes her first public statement on environmental affairs since her use of a private jet came into question.”

While Swift was seen in the video, those who pressed play heard audio from former British reality TV star Bonnie Holt saying global warming is “really good because it’s warming the world and it gives us all a tan and it makes us all hot”. .”

Another one commented that they were “streaming Taylor Swift to help pay for her jet fuel”, while a social media user joked: “Taylor Swift just broke into my house and replaced all my paper straws with plastic and said ‘burn the bitch’ before leaving in her jet.”

Meanwhile, another shared a computer-generated video of a man sitting on a jet engine mid-flight as one of Swift’s hits served as the soundtrack.

The accompanying legend Lily: “Taylor Swift listens ‘too well’ in her private jet.”

In a 2020 interview with VarietySwift said “young people are the people feeling the worst effects of gun violence, student loans and trying to figure out how to start life and how to pay their bills, and climate change, and are we going to war. …all of these horrible situations that we’re dealing with right now.”

Yard compiled statistics for the Celebrity Jets Report, a Twitter account that tracks private jet travel by celebrities, with data dating back to the start of the year covering the number of flights each celebrity took, flight time average, miles and greenhouse gas emissions.

rolling stone says the flight data attributed to Jay-Z is actually linked to the Puma Jet, a Gulfstream GV that the rapper and entrepreneur reportedly convinced the sportswear giant to purchase for use by its vetted athletes. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, is the creative director of Puma.

While Jay-Z, who is married to Beyoncé, isn’t the only person using the Puma Jet, a rep for Yard said, “We awarded the jet to Jay-Z on this occasion because he has asked the Puma jet as part of his sign-a-deal to become creative director of Puma basketball.

“Puma jet tail numbers are N444SC at Jay-Z’s request. N, the standard US private jet registration code, 444, referring to his album of the same name and SC for his birth name, Shawn Carter. Without Jay-Z, this jet would cease to exist,” the rep said.

rolling stone said it was impossible to determine if the other celebrities named in the top 10 were actually on board for each trip taken by their respective private jets.

For his part, rapper Drake responded to criticism that his plane had been flying for several minutes. He said on instagram“They’re just the ones moving planes to whatever airport they’re stored for whoever is interested in logistics…nobody’s taking that flight.”