tej pratap: More drama in the Lalu family as Tej Pratap ‘passes over’ to the Rabri Devi residence | India News

PATNA: The turmoil in RJD Chairman Lalu Prasad’s family over the theatrics of his mercurial eldest son, Tej Pratap Yadav, seems far from over.
The lawmaker visited mother Rabri Devi’s home on Tuesday evening, spent the night at her house and, according to party sources, announced that he would no longer be living in the bungalow allocated to him by the government of State.
The ‘reunion’ has brought more concern than joy to the family who have yet to accept Tej Pratap’s cryptic tweet on Monday in which he expressed his wish to hand in his ‘resignation’ to his father.
The party, controlled by its all-powerful founding leader and heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav, the youngest son, is currently rocked by the controversy arising from the serious accusations of a junior official against Tej Pratap.
Ramraj Yadav, who heads the municipal unit of RJD’s youth wing, claimed he was stripped and beaten by goons of the capricious leader who also threatened to have him eliminated.
Alarmingly, Ramraj alleged that the incident happened last week at Rabri Devi’s residence when it was packed with visitors invited to an Iftar party hosted by Tejashwi, who also lives with his mother.
Sources close to Tej Pratap say he may have decided to live in his mother’s bungalow at 10 Circular Road, suspecting Ramraj’s allegations were a “conspiracy” hatched against him by party critics.
While Tej Pratap has tried, with limited success, to come to terms with the greater clout enjoyed by his younger brother, his feud with key leaders close to the Tejashwi, including state chairman Jagadanand Singh, is a secret. puppet.
Incidentally, Jagadanand Singh has been, so far, the only RJD leader who has said he knew of the charges against Ramraj.
“Ramraj had phoned me and told me about his ordeal. I took note of his complaints. But unfortunately taking action against Tej Pratap is not in my hands. He is an MP and not just a unit leader of state,” Singh told reporters, barely concealing his sense of desperation.
Tej Pratap loyalists, however, say the alleged assault never happened and that Ramraj was acting at the behest of Singh, Tejashwi’s top political aide Sanjay Yadav and MLC Sunil Kumar Singh.
Neither Sanjay Yadav nor Sunil Kumar Singh reacted to this latest controversy surrounding the pugnacious eldest son of the party leader.
Some RJD leaders, however, see a ray of hope in Lalu Prasad’s possible release by next week, as he was released on bail in fodder scam cases by the Jharkhand High Court.
Meanwhile, Tej Pratap loyalists, branded as “sycophants” by the RJD base in general, argued that he was a serious politician who planned to hold “janta darbar”, as his father had done to his climax, starting next month, incidentally embarking on a statewide “yatra” (tour).
The RJD MP currently represents Hassanpur in Samastipur district, having changed base from Mahua to Vaishali where he got his start but became massively unpopular during his tenure.