The Bachelorette Creator Says There’s ‘No Drama’ Between Gabby and Rachel

the bachelorette Season 19 is gearing up to be quite a show with not one but of them tracks. After a wild season on The single person as heartbroken contestants Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey were given a second chance at love. This marks the first time there will be a season with two Bachelorettes simultaneously taking the lead.

Bachelor Nation isn’t entirely sure about this format as it could potentially pit these two women against each other. Given how much the production likes to mingle and take liberties to create more drama than necessary, I’m really worried about what a season with two leads might look like.

the bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss was post quite often over the past two weeks, promising fans that won’t be the case. He went above and beyond to make sure fans understood there was no intention to pit these women against each other.

But will this really be the case? Or will we watch their season with absolute regret in their first fight? Time will tell, Bachelor Nation, time will tell.

Bachelorette creator promises no drama for season 19 leads

Fleiss kept Bachelor Nation up to date, and his latest post is an image of Rachel and Gabby with the caption, “See, no drama…Just two friends helping each other find true love!”

Alright, Fleiss, we choose to trust you, but I swear if these two become enemies, you’ll have to deal with all of Bachelor Nation. We must protect these women and their friendship at all costs!

Not much is known about the format of the bachelorette Season 19 or how things will work with two leads. Will there be twice as many competitors or the same number? And how will the production prevent the men from falling in love with the two women? Honestly, I don’t even know if they can do anything about it.

We all have a lot of questions and we still have three months to go before we see what this season will look like. But in the meantime, it looks like Fleiss will keep us posted on what’s going on – and for that, we really appreciate it.

Hoping that Mike Fleiss continues to keep us informed!

Do you think the bachelorette Will season 19 pit these women against each other? Or is Mike Fleiss telling the truth? Let us know in the comments below!