The BBC LIFE limited drama series will air this weekend on ABC

In Manchester, England, the inhabitants of a large suburban house lead very different lives.

The walls that divide their apartments separate them. But life has a way of bringing people together.

Life is an explosive new six-part drama series from the team behind BAFTA-winning global hit Doctor Foster.

Created by a multiple award-winning writer Mike BartletLife explores the human capacity for connection in an increasingly fragmented society.

David (Adrian Lester), a happily married college professor, is torn with temptation when he meets an impulsive young woman. Like Gael (Alison Steadman) approaches her 70th birthday, a chance meeting makes her question the choices around which she has built her whole life.

Beautiful secret alcoholic (Pierre-Victoria) manages to maintain a fragile happiness, until his stubborn 15-year-old niece crashes into her orderly existence. And Hannah very pregnant (Melissa Johns), who has two men in her life, must choose between desire and reliability.

Like all ordinary lives, theirs is filled with the extraordinary. And as their stories begin to intersect, hidden secrets connect these characters in ways that could never have been anticipated.

Production credit: A Drama Republic production.

Life – Series 1, Episode 1 Australian premiere airs Sunday, April 24 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC