The Cursed Trailer Reveals The Release Date Of The Chill Period Drama

With SCREAM being the first big blockbuster of 2022, the year is shaping up to be a good one for horror fans, and it looks like the genre is going to carry that momentum into February. LD Entertainment just announced that Sean Ellisit is Cursed hits theaters next month, described as a gothic thriller set in the late 1800s that delves deep into the grim underbelly of a once-peaceful remote country village, now haunted by something dark and twisted. Ellis’ previous work earned him Oscar and BAFTA nominations, and you might recognize him Manila Metro Where Cash back, both of which received accolades from various film festivals.

The trailer for Cursed does an amazing job of setting the tone for the movie and getting your heart pumping. With whispered curses under disturbing music, we discover the film’s inciting incident. An investigator has come to a small town to help a family search for their missing son and discovers that everyone inside is suffering from a curse on the land. The film mixes elements of the supernatural and uses the horror of unseen threats to really heighten the fear of a creature attacking and terrorizing these people. With truly terrifying footage of children being taken by the monster, various people writhing in pain, tortured screams, bodies on fire and someone being dragged into the river, the trailer for Cursed has its audience’s heartbeat elevated. For horror fans, this one looks like a can’t miss movie, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Cursed premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year as eight for the money. Since then, Ellis has revamped the film to take it to a whole new level of horror. The director shared this about the changes made to the film since it was first shown.

We took the opportunity to energize the film with updated music by Lorne Balfe; we changed a lot of the CGI and decided to put a lot of the original in-camera effects back. We’ve also elevated story elements that pay homage to the incredible multitude of layers that live within the horror genre.

Picture via LD Entertainment

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The film’s cast brings together a captivating group of people, with Boyd Holbrook (Logan, Narcos) and everyone’s favorite Yellowstone Dear Kelly Reilly leading to the sides Alistair Petrie (Sex education). Cursed also exhibits performance of Roxane Duran, Nigel Betts, Stuart Bowman, Simon Kunz, Amelia Crouch, Max Mackintosh and Tommy Rodger. Producers of the film include Ellis, Mickey Liddell, and Pete Shilaimon, with Alison Semenza and Jacob Yakob serving as executive producers.

Cursed hits theaters February 18. Check out the trailer and brand new poster:

the cursed poster
Picture via LD Entertainment

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