The Essex Serpent: Filming locations for the new drama series

The Essex Serpent is just days away from its highly anticipated release. The new Apple TV+ series will be available to watch on Friday, May 13 and stars Tom Hiddleston as Will Ransome and Claire Danes as the widow, Cora Seaborne.

The story follows the new widow Cora and her fascination with a mythical creature that may live nearby. The series is based on the Essex-born author, Sarah Perry’s second novel of the same name. His inspiration for the book came from the myth of the Essex Coast Sea Serpent, one of the county’s strangest stories.

Film crews were spotted in Maldon last year as Promenade Park and other locations became the backdrop for the new drama series. Although it’s set in the fictional village of Aldwinter, Maldon played a big part in the inspiration for the book, which makes it fitting that the show was filmed there.

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Speaking to EssexLive at the time, a Maldon Council spokesperson said: “We are delighted that the production company has chosen the district of Maldon as one of its sites for a new six-part drama. We have an enviable reputation for being extremely film-friendly and this production follows in the footsteps of many others who have filmed here.”

EssexLive shared footage from filming outside the Blue Boar Hotel last year. The Silver Street Hotel and Pub has been part of Maldon history for hundreds of years.

Crews were based in and around Promenade Park filming scenes last week

According to Visit Maldon District, Tollesbury Marshes and North Farmbridge were used as “suitable backdrops for the action”. Film crews were reportedly seen at Hythe Quay, filming in front of the region’s famous east coast barges.

The six-episode miniseries will premiere on Apple TV+ starting May 13. The subscription costs £4.99 per month.