The latest episode of the drama series Ishq e Laa received a massive response

The latest episode of the drama series Ishq e Laa received a massive response

  • Ishq e Laa has finally come to an end
  • The ending showed Azkah and Azlan reuniting
  • The ending was so beautiful it left the audience with tears of joy

Ishq e Laa, a beautiful work by Amin Iqbal, has undoubtedly delivered true love-filled delight to his fans. Every scene in this play had the audience glued to their seats. We’re just waiting for the next…..and the next. The premise and storyline kept viewers guessing what would happen next, which kept them interested throughout the series.

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Yumna Zaidi and Azaan Sami Khan had an outstanding performance in the most recent episode. This highly anticipated episode aired today on the Hum TV Network, and everyone is raving about the union of Azka and Azlaan. Azka and Azlan got married against their wishes and intended to divorce, but Azlaan was brave enough to express his love. He was the one who couldn’t let Shanaya know how much he loved her, but now that Azka is in his life, he doesn’t want that to happen to her.

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When Azlan held Azka’s hand and shared his feelings with her, it brought tears to the eyes of the audience. These sentences, Agar Aap Meri Zindagi Se Chali Gai To Meri Zindagi Main Kuch Nahi Bachay Ga, were enough to make our hearts rip, and we couldn’t stop.

We can’t wait to see Yumna Zaidi and Azaan Sami in another amazing project.

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