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Last year I watched a show about a wormhole that suddenly appeared in downtown Los Angeles. Several people fell in the water and found themselves in another dimension. It ended abruptly. I can’t remember the name of this show. Can you help me?

It sounds like “La Brea,” the NBC drama in which people fell through a chasm into “a mysterious and dangerous primeval land.” The network has ordered a second season to air this fall. One place you can catch up on all 10 episodes of the first season is on Peacock.

Recently I watched a Sundance Now series called “Ten Percent” featuring Dominic West in one episode. Could it be an old English version of the French series “Call My Agent”? If so, could you tell me what year West originally appeared there?

You are right about the similarity of the two series, but the sequence is different. “Ten Percent” is a new series and an English adaptation of “Call My Agent!” This French series about talent agents was created in 2015 and found a large audience thanks to Netflix. Variety reported a while ago that there are numerous adaptations done or underway in different countries, including Turkey, India, Canada, South Korea, and the Philippines.

What happened with season 2 of CBS’ “Blood and Treasure”? COVID delayed filming, but there’s been no mention since if it was ever finished, or was it scrapped altogether?

The drama will begin a second season on July 17, but TVLine has announced that it will air on the Paramount+ streamer instead of the CBS broadcast network. (And yes, I can hear your screaming about another show going to streaming.) Since the first season ended nearly three years ago, you might want to catch up on older episodes — on Paramount+ .

I remember a black and white movie from the 60s or 70s that I loved so much I wish I had it somewhere. There was a professor who was experimenting with liquids and saw that a baseball with some of the liquid on it would roll around the baffles of his tray. He tried to get the ball to hit them, but it didn’t work. I forgot a good part of the story, but he became a pitcher. I pray that you can name this movie and where I can see or buy it.

It’s like seeing “It Happens Every Spring,” a 1949 comedy starring Ray Milland as a professor who accidentally creates a substance that repels wood – so bullets with it can’t. not be hit by baseball batters. Although it sounds fanciful, the American Film Institute’s catalog notes that: “The studio had major problems with representatives of professional baseball. film, because it was “the story of a cheater”. Still, the film pops up on TV occasionally, is playable digitally through Prime Video and Vudu, and has been released on DVD.

I was watching “Beach Blanket Bingo” and noticed Michael Nader, later “Dynasty”. I believe he is the son of actor George Nader. Are these charming actors still with us?

Leading man and novelist George Nader died in 2002 at the age of 80. Veteran actor Michael Nader, who was George’s nephew, died in 2021; he was 76 years old.

UPDATE: In May, I noted that Showtime had canceled “American Rust” after one season amid unenthusiastic reactions to the show. Well, streaming service Amazon Freevee (formerly known as IMDb TV) was more enthusiastic. It has ordered a second season with Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney returning as stars. Production will begin later this year. And Daniels said in a statement that it was a “designed for streaming” show.

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