Twice Kidnapped Girl Raped By Trusted ‘Family Friend’ Releases Drama Series

Until the age of 16, Jan Broberg believed that she was half alien and that she had to procreate with a man 28 years her senior in order to save her alien species.

It sounds like a gruesome script from a wild sci-fi movie – but it’s actually the macabre lie that the young girl was nursed by the man who cared for her, and her entire family, in order to kill her. abduct twice and rape her repeatedly.

Jan was only 12 the first time Robert Berchtold kidnapped her from her home in Idaho.

Robert, nicknamed “B”, had met Jan’s parents, Mary Ann and Bob Broberg, at their Mormon church in 1972, and had spent the next two years “brainwashing” them before doing the unthinkable – kidnapping their daughter to repeatedly sexually abuse her. .

Thankfully, she was rescued by the FBI from her mobile home in Mexico after a month of being abducted in 1974, but the truly bonkers story doesn’t end there.

Berchtold then blackmailed Jan’s parents into signing affidavits claiming he had permission to take their daughter to Mexico, which resulted in him only serving 10 days in jail.

Over the next two years, Berchtold continued to stay in contact with Jan, before abducting her again at the age of 14 in order to complete their “alien mission”.

This kidnapping lasted four months, during which time the young girl was completely under the spell of the pedophile, believing she loved Berchtold.

But even after being rescued a second time, it wasn’t until her 16th birthday that Jan realized the whole alien story had been completely made up to take control of her.

Now the horrific story is being turned into a new true crime drama A family friend with Anna Paquin, Jake Lacy, Colin Hanks and McKenna Grace.

The limited series – made by US streaming service Peacock – is produced by a Jan and her mother Mary Ann, The Hollywood Reporter states.

Jan’s extraordinary survival story was previously told in Netflix’s chilling 2017 documentary Removed in plain sight where she revealed that Berchtold got the better of the parents by luring each into separate sexual relationships.

In a tape recording shared in the doco, Berchtold told the FBI, “I entered into a same-sex relationship with his father in order to gain access to Jan. I had a fixation with Jan.”

This allowed Berchtold – who also had a brief sexual affair with Mary Ann – to control and manipulate the family into gaining access to Jan and committing his crimes.

“Once he (Berchtold) had something to hang over their heads, he controlled them,” Jan’s sister Karen said. Daily Mail in 2019.

With his hold on Jan’s parents, Berchtold was able to convince Mary Ann and Bob to allow him to take Jan horseback riding in October 1974.

But instead of visiting horses, Jan was drugged with pills and woke up tied to a bed, ABC News reported.

Tape recordings told her that the aliens were now in control and that she would have to meet a man and have a child with him in order to save the planet.

Jan, who was only 12 at the time, believed everything she heard.

“The message said ‘You will go to the front of the motorhome and meet the male companion,'” Jan told the BBC.

“I get up, and who is lying on the small sofa in the motorhome? Robert Berchtold.

“I was more terrified of that voice and the messages coming from that voice than probably anything that happened to me. I thought I had been taken by a UFO.

The following month, Berchtold raped Jan under cover of the fabricated alien “mission”, before being arrested by the FBI.

Oddly, he had also convinced Jan’s parents to let him marry her in Mexico claiming that they weren’t allowed to cross the border back to the United States together without a marriage license, Refinery29 reported.

However, affidavits Bob and Mary Ann made after Berchtold threatened to reveal their sexual affairs resulted in him spending just 10 days of his five-year sentence in prison, according to the documentary.

Berchtold was then free to abduct Jan from her bedroom again two years later, staging her to look like she had run away and insisting in phone calls to her parents that he had spoken to her but hadn’t seen her.

“I was a very small little girl, I think sometimes people don’t understand that,” Jan told previously.

“I didn’t start puberty until I was 17. I weighed 95 pounds (43 kilograms), was 5 feet (152cm) tall when I graduated from high school, and I didn’t started my period only the following summer.”

She also described the shame she felt after being sexually assaulted around 200 times, which made her wonder, “Did I do something wrong?”

For four months, Jan enrolled in a Catholic boarding school in Los Angles under an assumed name while her captor continued to live in an RV park in Salt Lake City, The daily mail reports.

Berchtold visited Jan every weekend until the FBI tracked her down and brought her home.

Over the next two years, Jan said she was “completely gone”, as she struggled thinking she was going to fail her extraterrestrial “mission” and face horrific consequences.

But eventually she asked for help, and years later wrote a book in 2004 with her mother about how Berchtold brainwashed and manipulated his entire family.

Incredibly, Berchtold reappeared to refute the book, even filing a lawsuit to prevent its publication and showing up at one of her conferences with a gun.

Her goal was to see Jan again, and they came face to face in court nearly 30 years after the abuse. Jan learned that he lived only an hour away from her.

“It was like a complete moment of healing, knowing who I am, gaining the power to know exactly why I was telling my story, and it was, as I said in the courtroom, to protect other children from monsters like you,” she told in 2019.

A year later, Berchtold committed suicide.

Jan is now sharing her horrific story of abuse to raise awareness.

“Not everyone saw what was happening in front of their own eyes,” she said.

“My parents were manipulated and they were naive, they were also manipulated by a sociopathic master who was a criminal.”

The first episode of A Friend of the Family airs October 6 in the United States.