USC Drama Department Productions This Weekend – Albert Lea Tribune

United South Central’s drama department will present “The Spring Thing,” a variety show consisting of three elements: a 10-minute musical titled “Book Lovers,” a game show titled “Task Lord,” and improvised comedy sketches.

“Book Lovers” is a romantic comedy featuring some of literature’s most famous lovers: Hélène de Troie, Cyrano de Bergerac, Juliette Capulet, Hester Prynne and Sir Lancelot. The entire show is only 10 minutes long, but it’s full of song, action, and lots and lots of love.

“Task Lord” is a game show hosted by seniors Merideth Klingbeil and Nick Schindler. Competitors Bella Gallardo, Liz Stern, Hayden Chandler and Liam Schrader were filmed performing various challenges, and the results will be shown and judged by Klingbeil live in front of an audience. Each performance will feature a different set of challenges!

Students will also perform various improvised comedy sketches in the style of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Comedy Sportz”. The students have spent the past few months learning and rehearsing various improvisational games that rely on audience participation. So people should be prepared to make suggestions and laugh at the results.

The show started on Friday and is also scheduled for 7 p.m. today and 2 p.m. Sunday. All seats are $5 and tickets can be purchased at the door.

List of “Book Lover” actors

Charlotte: Merideth Klingbeil

Dewey: Nick Schindler

Helen: Liz Stern

Cyrano: Liam Schrader

Juliet: Aislynn Schlosser

Hester: Emma Johnson

Lancelot: Ezra Edwards

Sci-Fi Nerd: Brody Stern

Mystery Buff: Erin Willard

Romance Lover: Hayden Chandler

improv troupe

Emilie Cassens

Hayden Chandler

Ezra Edwards

Bella Gallardo

Victoria Hinostroza

Emma Johnson

Brooklyn Miller

Nick Schindler

Liam Schrader

Liz Stern

Brody Stern

Nadia Wegner

“Lord of the Task”

The Task Lord: Merideth Klingbeil

Assistant: Nick Schindler

The Twelfth Grade Minion: Bella Gallardo

The Eleventh Year Servant: Liz Stern

The Tenth Grade Minion: Hayden Chandler

The ninth grade minion: Liam Schrader

The marker: Ari Larson

The Master of the Projector: Victoria Hinostroza

Cameramen: Victoria Hinostroza and Clare Kruse

Production team

Artistic Director: Kirstyn Wegner

Set construction: Chris Whiteside

Student directors: Merideth Klingbeil, Emma Johnson, Liam Schrader

Student Technical Director: Nick Schindler

Scenographer: Kirstyn Wegner

Specialist painter: Oliver Druckenmiller

Costume designers: Denise Hassing, Kay Stern

Lighting designers: Nick Schindler, Oliver Druckenmiller

Director: Ari Larson

Stage Crew: Erin Willard

Sound: Baylee Whiteside

Lights: Oliver Druckenmiller

Spotlights: Natalie Rodriguez, Hannah Warmka

Videography: Victoria Hinostroza, Clare Kruse

Video editing and production: Kirstyn Wegner