Voice Winner Drama Continues After Huge Number Of Fans Cast Their Votes To The Wrong Number

Seven The voice the controversy continues with many fans accidentally texting the wrong number to vote for the winner.

The voice crowned its winner this week and PE teacher Lachie Gill won. Gill won by popular public vote, however, social media erupted in disappointment that a “white man” had won the top prize.

Interestingly, it has now been reported by news.com.au that many voters were actually texting their vote to the wrong number.

Viewers were told they could vote by texting 0417 779 677, but Brisbane man Antoni was inundated with text messages from people trying to vote because he has a very similar number.

Antoni’s number only has a different digit and he paid the price for it.

Anthony said news.com.au“I deleted the first few hundred (posts) because I thought I was being spammed, not realizing people were voting.

“It wasn’t until I saw an ad with the mobile number displayed that I realized how close it was to my number and the penny dropped.

“I probably have a couple thousand texts that could be added up and a couple hundred voicemails where people verbally voted.”

It’s worth pointing out that Seven didn’t post the wrong number anywhere, fans of the show just got it wrong. Listen, this may just be a lesson to check your facts before you vote! We are the country that elected Ricki Lee from australian idol!

You have to stay vigilant so that your favorite can win.