Wentworth: Is Netflix planning a reboot of the prison-based drama?

Australian TV series Wentworth Season 9 or the second part of season 8 launched its last episode on October 26, 2021 on Netflix. Wentworth ends after a total of 100 episodes. This prison-based drama has garnered huge reputation and appreciation in Australia and other countries since its release in mid-2013. Although Wentworth is officially over, some fans are hoping for Wentworth Season 10. So what is the truth about this?

It seems that the franchise has no intention of making the tenth season. In Wentworth Season 9, the drama resolves all the main characters and gives a satisfying conclusion. While some fans believe there won’t be a Wentworth season 10 because the ninth season ended on a more positive note, many are optimistic about the series renewal. But it’s highly unlikely that Wentworth season 10 will ever be made.

So, will there be Wentworth season 10 soon? We may see some sort of spin-off or reboot in the future. Reboots have been a popular trend these days.

Currently, nothing is official about Wentworth season 10 or a reboot, but some fans are hoping the creators will return with a reboot of the drama. In their defense, the renewal of successful titles is a de facto standard in the industry.

Additionally, some fans believe that Netflix might choose the series for its global audience. In fact, one theory says that when Netflix chooses a drama for global audiences, it will air that series for years, especially if the series becomes popular. Likewise, the streamer could come with Wentworth Season 10 or at least a spin-off, thanks to the growing popularity of the series.

If a reboot or spinoff of Australian drama Wentworth is announced, we’ll let you know! Until then, stay tuned!

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